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  • About the Ecosa Mattress

    • Why is the Ecosa mattress so much less than the mattresses in retail stores?

      Unlike traditional mattress companies, we don't waste money on large showrooms full of pushy salespeople on big commissions. Instead, we sell our mattress directly online and pass the savings onto you. Fast & free delivery directly to your door-step.
    • Why is being waterproof important?

      Your body naturally loses moisture overnight depending on your sleeping conditions – it can increase easily with temperature, or even with the thickness of your blankets. Most mattresses will trap this moisture into itself, cultivate bacteria, and invite allergens to your bed. Our fast-drying waterproof inner cover prevents liquids and oils from seeping further into your mattress – giving you excellent protection against dust mites.
    • What are the dimensions of the mattress?

      Every Ecosa mattress is 25.4cm (10 inch) high. The length and width of the mattress are standard Australia dimensions, as listed below:

      Single - 91 x 188 cm

      Long Single - 91 x 203 cm

      King Single - 107 x 203 cm

      Double - 137 x 188 cm

      Queen - 153 x 203 cm

      King - 167 x 203 cm

      Super King - 183 x 203 cm

    • Can I clean or wash the cover?

      The Ecosa cover is machine washable. Be sure to use room temperature water. If using a dryer to dry the item, avoid high heat, as this can melt, shrink or deform the fabric.
    • Is the latex used for your mattresses natural latex?

      Ecosa uses natural latex. It has a higher density than blended latex foam. Natural latex is also more supportive and very environmentally friendly.
    • I have a latex allergy; will I be ok?

      There are three cover layers between you and the mattresses’s latex layer: the outer cover, the microfilament waterproof inner cover and a mattress protection sock‚ which prevent you from coming in contact with the latex. That said, if you have a severe allergy, there is a minor risk of cross contamination.
    • Is Ecosa mattress resistant to dust mites?

      Ecosa uses natural latex. Natural latex is inhospitable to dust mites. However, no mattress is 100% free of dust mites, so it is important to cover your mattress when they are first purchased.
    • Where are Ecosa mattresses manufactured?

      "Made in Australia" mattresses are often "assembled in Australia". The foam and fabrics had to be imported from overseas. Ecosa has our own factory operating with independent quality control in China. So you will get the highest quality mattress without paying hundreds extra for the "Made in Australia" label.

      Feel free to check out our production video :

    • Where are Ecosa mattresses manufactured?

      "Made in New Zealand" mattresses are often "assembled in New Zealand". The foam and fabrics had to be imported from overseas. Ecosa has our own factory operating with independent quality control in China. So you will get the highest quality mattress without paying hundreds extra for the "Made in Australia" label.

      Feel free to check out our production video :

    • How much weight can it hold?

      The Ecosa mattress will support up to a total of 300kg, or 150kg per sleeper
    • Can you pack the mattress back in the box?

      Unfortunately, it will not re-compress back into the box once you release it from the package.
  • Mattress Delivery

    • How long does it take for my order to arrive?

      Dispatched within 1 business day.
      Expected delivery: 1 - 4 days.
      North Island 1-2 days
      Top of South Island 2-3 days
      Bottom of South Island 3-4 days

    • Can I specify a date for the delivery?

      Yes. Please make a note in the delivery notes section at checkout with your required date and confirm this in a follow up email to our support team (Weekend delivery is not available)
    • Can I change my delivery address?

      We can change your delivery information as long as your item has not been dispatched, once it has been dispatched, it is difficult for us to change your details however please contact our friendly team and we'll see whether we can help.
    • Where do we ship to?

      We ship to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.
    • How do I track my order?

      Our team will email you a tracking ID which you can then use to track your order online through the carriers website. For metro same-day deliveries tracking information will be sent via text message on the day of dispatch.
  • I've Got an Ecosa Mattress

    • Do I need to flip my mattress?

      Nope. The Ecosa mattress is not required to be flipped up side down nor rotate. Having said that, we do offer adjustable firmness so you may wish to flip the internal layers to change the feel.
    • Can I use a heating pad or electric blanket?

      Yes you can use a heating pad or electric blanket on the Ecosa mattress.
    • How do I return my order?

      If the Ecosa mattress isn't perfect for any reason, we'll organise a free pick-up and refund you the full amount. Ecosa will not resell a used mattress. Depending on the location, any returned mattress will be donated to charity to help less fortunate families. We only ask that you try our mattress for at least 14 days before asking for a return as it might take a couple of days for your body to adapt.
  • Ecosa Pillow

  • Silk Pillowcase

    • Is there a 100 day trial on the silk pillowcase?

      Unfortunately the 100 day trial is only valid for the Ecosa mattress and Ecosa pillow. The Ecosa silk pillowcase has a 45-day warranty against defects but cannot be returned for change of mind.

      Regarding warranty claims, Ecosa will provide free returns and free replacements
    • How long does it take for my order to arrive?

      We dispatch your order within 1 business day (Monday - Friday) from Sydney, Australia. Delivery to New Zealand: 5-10 business days
  • Ecosa Topper

  • Other FAQs

    • Can I use multiple discount codes for one order?

      No sorry, only one promotional code can be used per order
    • What is the difference between foam and spring mattresses?

      In comparison with a spring mattress, Ecosa use latex and gel memory foam which distribute body weight evenly, like having billions of little springs supporting you. Pressure points are significantly reduced up to 80%, which only memory foam can provide. Spring mattresses usually begin to sag after 1-2 years. They lose 16% of their support in the first year alone. Overall, our mattress offers much better quality materials, greater body support and longer-lasting durability.
    • Can this be put back into the box?

      The mattress cannot be put back into the box once unpacked unfortunately.
      It is delivered boxed for easy transport and unpacking but once opened cannot be squashed back into a box.
    • How long can I keep the mattress in the box for?

      We suggest no longer than 6-8 weeks.

      The trial period does begin from the date of delivery so if you know there will be a delay in the opening and use of the mattress you may wish to request a delayed delivery.

      You can do this by adding a note to the delivery notes section on the checkout page and confirming in a follow up email
    • Can you dispose of my old mattress?

      Unfortunately we are not able to dispose of your old mattress. We recommend that you donate your mattress to charity if it is in great condition or organise with your local council to have it picked up and recycled.

      Another great solution is to contact TIC, they will arrange for the mattress to be collected and returned to them to be recycled into useful products like underlay :)