Designed for every kind of individual

At Ecosa, we believe that there is one simple solution to a beautiful good night's sleep. Whether you're big or small, short or tall, solo or duo sleeper. Our mattress is designed to appeal to everyone!

Research and Testing

Our research and development team have studied and tested extensively to bring you the best mattress which will provide you with the best good night's sleep.

Factors we considered

  • Ecosa Mattress Firmness
  • Ecosa Mattress Rebound Speed
    Rebound Speed
  • Ecosa Mattress Airflow
  • Ecosa Mattress Temperature Regulation
    Temperature Regulation
  • Ecosa Mattress Scent
  • Ecosa Mattress Enviroment
  • Ecosa Mattress Health
  • Ecosa Mattress Comfort
  • Ecosa Mattress Back Support
    Back Support
  • Ecosa Mattress Durability
  • Ecosa Mattress Allergy
  • Ecosa Mattress Partner Disturbance
    Partner Disturbance

One Perfect Mattress

Our extensive research has led us into creating the most perfect mattress. A dream combination of natural latex, gel memory foam, and support foams, with each layer specifically chosen for its functionality and how they they will work together.

Ecosa™ - Reinvented Space Technology

Ecosa supports your spine

Support your spine

We introduce premium natural latex as the comfort layer. It dynamically conforms to your body, supports the natural alignment of the spine.

Ecosa makes you sleep cool

Sleeping cool

The center core is layered with high-density gel infused visco elastic memory foam, cool and quiet. It supports shoulder and hip area without pushing against pressure points.

Ecosa relieves pressure

Ultimate pressure relief

We use high density foam as a base for strength and resilience. It is a key factor to combine with the ultimate pressure relief and unrivalled comfort.

Ecosa eliminates partner disturbance

Zero partner disturbance

An average person changes sleeping positions 12 times per night. Ecosa mattresses hugely eliminate partner sleep disturbances to help enhance a deeper and longer sleep.

Ecosa relieves body pain

Relieve body pain

Our mattresses support the natural posture of your spine, relieving back, shoulder and neck problems. Try out Ecosa for an instant improvement.

Ecosa relieves body pain

Bounce bounce

The Ecosa mattress contributes a healthy bounce for all bedroom activities. Your partner will love you for it. Once you spend a night on it you will wonder how you ever slept without one.

We make New Zealand's most affordable luxury mattress

Factory Direct

We source all of our raw materials, everything from the threads to the zippers. Our advanced manufacturing facility can help us ensure every mattress is made to perfection.

Sell Online

Most mattresses are ridiculously overpriced, due to the expenses associated with their over-sized store. Ecosa helps you save, without sacrificing on quality.

Ship in a box

Mattress in a box makes delivery to your door so much easier and convenient. We ship nationwide in New Zealand and we can deliver our mattress to you free of charge.

Best Mattress Buying Experience

Order your Ecosa mattress today and try it at the comfort of your own home for 100 days. Delivery is fast and shipping free to your door. 15 year warranty.

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