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Wedding Outfit Inspiration For The Non-Traditional Bride

October 5, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

A white wedding dress or wedding gown may be the dream of many a bride-to-be, but you might be looking for something else. You’re in serious need of a bridal look that’s more your style rather than the cookie-cutter white, floor-length gown. You might consider sequins, beads, long sleeves, textures, patterns and other unique details for your bridal outfit. More and more designers are opting for bold and eclectic designs, and you never know what might strike your fancy!

Couples have gained a whole new perspective since last year. Many chose to ditch traditions and formalities to be true to themselves and focus on what really matters on their big day — rather than impressing others or living up to some unrealistic standard. Finally, some bridal Inspo for every style!

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses for a Modern Bride

Try a Wedding Dress below the Knee or above the Ankle

The typical wedding features the long, flowing white gown as a centrepiece of the occasion. The bridal style is such a go-to that every bridal collection has at least one majestic and regal gown for the fairytale bride. But not every wedding is grand and massive. Some ceremonies are spent in small churches, intimate spaces, and even a decorated backyard. You can wear a simpler dress for these kinds of affairs, the hem hitting anywhere below the knee or above the ankle.

A midi or a tea-length dress will still possess elegance and style while maintaining a more casual look. They’re perfect for a smaller celebration but no less eye-catching. A midi dress may even work for an elopement where you and your significant other are alone together with only a wedding officiant. You can look glamorous without a flowing skirt tripping you over.

Hey, why not even go for a mini dress? A dress of this length can be stunning for the minimal bride, if you incorporate traditional elements such as pearly white tones and puff sleeves.

The best thing about this look is you can throw on some funky shades too, for that honey-moon ready vibe.

Play Around with Colour

White evokes purity and is a classic look for brides everywhere, but you don’t have to wear white at your nuptials. In fact, you can wear whatever damn colour you want! Opt for something blue or experiment with pastel colours; even some earthy browns. What’s great about using another colour is that you can coordinate your wedding gown with your bridesmaids’ outfits. Simply contrast your attire to the bridesmaid dresses or go with a different shade of the same colour. You can also add patterns into the mix, with stars, crochet, polka dots, floral. Be creative and don’t shy away from colour; it’s your wedding, after all.

Explore Different Fabrics

Similarly, get creative with your dress materials, although considerations do come into play. There are many different fabrics, such as chiffon, crepe, satin, tulle, and others. For example, non-traditional brides are using tulle as a sexy wink to ruffle up their outfit. You can create barely-there necklines and sleeves due to the lightness of the netting. However, the fabric is prone to snagging, which is why an outdoor setting and a tulle skirt may not match perfectly.

Another example, if you’re going to have a winter wedding, specific airy fabrics won’t be practical. Thicker and warmer fabrics will work better without sacrificing your whimsical wedding look. Sure, you can have your ceremony and reception in heated areas, yet a light fabric won’t protect you from the cold once you take the party outdoors for pictures.

According to Mark Ingram for Brides, the 27 most common materials for wedding dresses are popular for a reason. These fabrics include chiffon, organza, lace, satin, crepe, dupioni, pont d’esprit and more. 

Your material of choice will also depend on the style and silhouette of your outfit. Structured looks will work best with mikado or faille. In contrast, more free-flowing designs match well with satin and other light textiles. In sum, refer to the wedding details, such as the date, location, and theme, to decide on the appropriate fabric.

If you go with a sheer number, you can incorporate undergarments into your outfit changes. Fling off your dress at the end of the night and rock the silk slip underneath for some champagne popping.

Change Up Your Style

Now, this is the part where you can go as wild (or conservative) as you want. You can choose subtle but noticeable adjustments. Let’s say you stick with the traditional outfit: you can tailor your sleeve, neckline, or even your skirt with beaded features. You can go with sequins that highlight the individual features of your garment. Some minor details can change your overall look even if you go with a classic outfit.

If you really want to go ALL OUT and change things up, have some fun while you’re at it! A couture dress — pulled from your wildest imaginations — makes for a beautiful and memorable wedding outfit too. Make a loud statement with an open back for your dress. It’s sure to make your guests gasp in awe. Alternatively, in a boho wedding dress, you can add flourishes such as strapless, laced, beaded, feathered, and silhouette features. It will look elegant and straightforward but reflect your laidback vibe.

Or take a note from Lena Dunham’s “swinging-sixties” playbook and add tights, a bow or a statement headpiece (veil optional). Throw away the boring bridesmaid dresses for a silver-pleated moment. Blue suede makes for a groovy suit to replace the standard black and white tuxedo, for you or your fiancé.

Who says that you need to be in a dress anyway? You can get married in a two-piece bridal outfit that will be just as chic and glamorous as any gown. There are endless possibilities with bridal separates, such as having an outer and inner top match with a midi skirt. If you still want a one-piece look without having to resort to a dress, how about a bridal jumpsuit or suit? Fall in love with the blazer dress trend, if you want a bit of both worlds. You will be sleek, sexy, and powerful in pants and a statement top.

Rule the Wedding Ceremony and Party with Your Personalised Bridal Look

Tradition has its place, but going for something one-of-a-kind will make for an unforgettable day for you and your guests. 

Be bold, colourful, trendy, or seductive. Be whimsical or retro or romantic. Wear what you want to wear on your special day, and by the time the wedding reception comes, you will be ready to party the day away (maybe even throw off those heels!) You will have no regrets if you’re true to your desires, and that’s all that matters.

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