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11 Reasons Why Choose A Double Bed Mattress?

January 18, 2024   By JM Carpiso

We all know that a double bed mattress is smaller than a queen. And many people choose the latter because of the space it affords. But why choose a double bed, over say a queen, king or even a single bed? Well the humble double bed does have its perks.

A double bed mattress measures 138 x 188 cm or about 4’6″ x 6’2″ feet. It is smaller than a queen but much larger than a single bed. It is a great bed for singles who want to sleep like starfish in their beds or for couples who love snuggling close to each other. It is also a great space saving option if you live in a smaller space like a studio apartment.

Let us look into the benefits of getting a double bed over the other types of bed out there. 

Benefits of Choosing a Double Bed

Opting for a double bed can have its perks in your bedroom, It does not take up so much space freeing up your floor area for movement and other activities. It is also a good bed for those who choose to either sleep alone or have an intimate sleeping situation with their partners. 

Here are some benefits of choosing a double bed. 

1. Efficiency of Space

A sensible option for making the most of the space in a bedroom are double beds mattresses. They give two people a cosy place to sleep without taking up too much space in the room. This is especially helpful for smaller bedrooms when making the most of the available floor area is essential.

2. Affordable Sleeping Solution

For single people or couples on a tight budget, selecting a double size mattress for their sleeping setup  can be a cost-effective choice. It provides a comfortable sleeping solution without the higher costs associated with larger bed sizes by striking a balance between size and affordability.

3. Flexibility in Interior Design

Double beds provide flexibility in the layout and style of a room. Their modest size gives you more options for how to arrange accessories and furniture. This adaptability comes in handy when designing a harmonious and visually beautiful bedroom space.

4. Comfortable Closeness

A double bed encourages intimacy and a sense of closeness between partners. The smaller size promotes close physical proximity, creating a warm and welcoming environment. This may help make sleeping more comfortable and fulfilling on an emotional level.

Sleeping close to one another has been proven by science to improve your bond with and help you have better trust. This also heightens belongingness. 

5. Sensible for Guest Rooms

In guest rooms, double beds are frequently chosen since they may comfortably sleep both single and partnered guests. They are a sensible option for hosts who wish to provide a warm and inviting environment for guests because of their adaptability.

Since your guest room may not be slept in all the time, it can be a wise option to put a less expensive bed in it. Beddings for a double bed also cost much less. 

6. Simple Upkeep

Upkeep of a double bed is usually easier than that of larger bed sizes. For people who want a hassle-free approach to bedroom maintenance, it’s a convenient option because bedding changes, cleaning, and general upkeep are more achievable.

Moving the bed and cleaning under it can be easier and lifting a double bed mattress is more doable too. Replacing sheets for a double bed mattress can be more hassle free.   

7. Range of Styles to Suit You

There is a vast array of styles, designs, and materials available for double beds. This variety makes it possible for people to select a bed that both suits their own preferences and the overall design of their bedroom, improving the space’s aesthetic appeal.

A double bed mattress can be a versatile option for your room. This can be styled in many different ways. 

8. Comfort and Quality of Sleep

When it comes to improving one’s own health, the double bed is exceptional at providing more comfortable and high-quality sleep. The bed’s proportions guarantee that each person will have enough room to spread out and settle into their favourite sleeping positions. This makes a major contribution to a more revitalising and pleasant sleep experience, which improves general health and everyday productivity.

Double bed mattresses also come in different materials like memory foam, latex, foam and even hybrid types. This allows you to choose the best comfort level that suits you.

9. Upgraded Bedding Selections

Due to their popularity, double beds now come in a vast choice of bedding alternatives designed especially for this size bed. The industry offers a wide range of products to suit the various tastes of those looking to decorate their double beds, from plush comforters to beautiful patterned bed linens. With so many options, customers can personalise their sleeping environment and add a touch of style and comfort to the overall bedroom ambiance.

10. Adapting to Changing Needs in the Future

Purchasing a double bed is a way for those whose circumstances might change in the future to prepare for the unexpected. The capacity of a double bed to accommodate changing needs is beneficial for both individuals and couples, be it for an expanding family or for a single person expecting to move. Because of this foresight, the decision-making process gains a practical component, which makes the double bed a flexible and sustainable option.

11. Space for Pet Friends

The double bed provides more room for furry friends, for individuals who view pets as essential family members. Pet owners find extra comfort in this approach, which helps them feel connected to their animals at night. Deepening the link between human and pet residents, the increased surface area becomes a shared environment.

Selecting a double bed mattress involves more than just the obvious space and cost concerns. It also involves factors like the quality of sleep, individual style, ability to accommodate changing demands, conformity to cultural standards, and even the ability to accommodate cherished pets. A double bed is an all-encompassing and long-lasting option that enhances not only the quality of sleep but also the dynamics of the bedroom and entire living.

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