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2 Seater Sofa Beds

Transform your living space with our versatile 2 Seater Sofa Beds. These ingenious furniture pieces seamlessly combine the comfort of a plush sofa with the functionality of a full-sized bed, perfect for snug homes and overnight guests. Explore our collection of stylish and Modern 2 Seater Sofa Beds that effortlessly transition from sofa to bed with a simple pull-out mechanism. Crafted with high-quality materials and built-in hybrid mattresses, these space-saving designs provide superior sleep quality and lounging comfort. Discover the ultimate in versatility with our range of Pull Out Sofa Beds, Fold Out Sofa Beds, and Sofa Beds with Storage. Maximise your living area without sacrificing style or convenience.

sydney sofa bed oyster shell

Sydney Sofa Bed

Oyster Shell
sydney sofa bed evergreen

Sydney Sofa Bed

rio sofa bed cloud grey

Rio Sofa Bed

Cloud Grey
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sleep Solutions That Double as Statement Pieces In a compact home, versatile furniture that serves multiple purposes is key. Ecosa's stylish range of 2 seater sofa beds provides both form and function - offering a comfortable sofa by day and a cosy bed by night. With their modern aesthetics and hybrid mattress construction, these versatile 2-in-1 pieces ensure you never have to compromise on style or sleep quality.
A Contemporary Sofa That Easily Transforms
Transitioning from lounge mode to overnight accommodation is a breeze with Ecosa's innovative sofa bed designs. These sleek models seamlessly convert into a full-sized bed in just seconds, without the squeaks and struggles of traditional sofa beds. No more wrangling with cumbersome metal frames - simply lift and pull out to extend the built-in mattress and you're ready for restful slumber.
Supreme Comfort Day and Night
Designed with dreamy relaxation in mind, Ecosa sofa beds merge plush upholstery and sink-in softness with hybrid mattress support. Their cushioned seats provide inviting lounge appeal, while the integrated bed reveals premium comfort layers of pocket springs and contouring foam. Rest assured your overnight guests will sleep soundly on the hybrid mattress construction.
Durable, Versatile and Effortless to Maintain
Upholstered in hard-wearing, easy-clean fabrics, these 2 seater sofa beds can withstand years of daily use. The quality OEKO-TEX certified materials are engineered for lasting style, with melange weaves that resist stains, fading and wear. Caring for your sofa bed is effortless, simply vacuum regularly and spot clean spills - making it ideal for homes with kids and pets.
Choose the Style that Suits Your Space
With a range of contemporary designs and upholstery shades, it's easy to find a 2 seater sofa bed that complements your decor aesthetic. From the chic tailoring of the Vienna to the cocooning curves of the Sydney design, Ecosa has an option for every living space. Browse the collection and create a stylish setting that's adaptable for both living and sleeping needs.