Helping you to
live well slept

At Ecosa, we believe good sleep is the foundation of a great life. So, since 2015, we’ve been creating thoughtful products to transform yours. Enabling you to do more, dream more and be more – while treading lightly on the planet.
We live and breathe sleep
Helping you sleep better is what gets us out of bed. And whether it's back pain or a restless partner keeping you up,
we have a solution to improve your nights and help you get the most out of your days.
At Ecosa, quality comes first. From our cooling, gel-infused memory foam to moisture-wicking bedding, we use the latest high-performance materials and technologies to deliver the best quality sleep. No matter your needs.
Our ergonomically designed products aren't just functional. They're stylish, versatile and easy to assemble, too. We're also committed to keeping our range affordable – because everyone deserves a great night’s sleep.
We’re all about creating sleep solutions, not waste, so Ecosa products are made to last. We use hard-wearing materials that get better with age, and our mattresses come with an extended 15-year warranty.
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Giving back

When an Ecosa mattress isn't quite right, it doesn't go to waste. We donate any mattresses returned during the 100-night trial. So you can rest easy.

Salvation Army

Partnering with the Salvos and local charities, we’ve donated over 5,000 mattresses and pillows to those in need.

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Our bedtime story begins

Our story starts in 2015 with a small team and a big dream – to make better sleep accessible to all. Frustrated by a tired old mattress industry, we set about shaking things up. And, after many nights spent tossing and turning, we did.

We created an instant hit with an adjustable memory foam mattress-in-a-box – and the Ecosa brand was born.

3000 or so sleeps on

Our small Aussie start-up has since evolved into a holistic sleep solutions brand, serving snoozers in six countries.

From ergonomic mattresses and pillows that help resolve back pain to stylish and functional furniture and the dreamiest bamboo and linen bedding, we create products that feel good and do good.
Making sleep sustainable
We're committed to making sleep more sustainable and use natural and recycled materials wherever possible. On average, each Ecosa product contains between 200-400 plastic bottles. This adds up to millions of plastic bottles recycled each year. Saved from landfill and our oceans.
We’re proud to be B Corp certified. From the Ecosa recycling program to our eco-friendly materials and OceanCycle-certified mattress covers, we work hard as you snooze to protect the planet.
When you purchase a timber bedside table or bed frame from Ecosa, you can rest assured you’re making an ethical choice. All the wood we use is sustainably sourced and certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Our snoozers say it best

Great support for my lower back, the mattress feels comfortable and high quality.