The new Ecosa Sleep app.
your 24/7 Sleep Coach.

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Know your sleep inside out
You sleep and we take care of the rest – tracking all aspects of your slumber.
Drift off easy
Stop tossing and turning with our breathing and meditation exercises.
Personalised sleep routines
Here for you 24/7, our Sleep Coach will help you create the perfect sleep routine.
Expertise meets AI smarts
A decade of expertise backed by AI. Your sleep is about to enter a brand new era.

Become your own sleep guru

The Ecosa Sleep app not only tracks your sleep cycle but also assesses how your snooze can improve. At the touch of a button, we'll give you a clear picture of your sleep trends and deliver personalised tips for deep and restorative rest.

Ace your routine with our AI Sleep Coach

Providing expert insights and routine recommendations based on your shut-eye, our AI Sleep Coach will soon have you sleeping like a champ.

Meditations on demand

Swap doom scrolling for a guided meditation. By taking you on a calming journey, meditation prepares the mind to drift off. It can also help alleviate anxiety and promote more restful sleep.

Breathe in, holddd, breathe out

Life's busy, but taking time to relax will set you up for a solid night's sleep. Your Sleep Coach might prompt you to unwind with a 4-7-8 breathing exercise or meditation from our library.
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