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Ecosa queen mattresses along with Ecosa’s innovative breathable ECO-TEX FOAM and G-7 MEMORY FOAM combine seamlessly to provide you with the most comfortable sleep yet.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Comfy Queen Mattress for Couples or Singles
The most ideal bed for co-sleeping. A queen mattress gives you enough room to lie close to your partner, but still enough space if you want to move around a bit. The queen sized bed is also the most popular bed size that couples choose for their bedrooms. It’s just the right size for most bedrooms.

But It's also best for those who want to sleep alone. Indulging in your own space and getting relaxed in a wide bed is a dream come true with a queen mattress. You can go round and round as you sleep. Or you can have all the pillows you want and still be able to lie comfortably in bed. Work in bed, watch movies, have your furry friends sleep with you, or whatever you need to do in bed—the Ecosa queen sized Mattress gives you ample space to relax.
A Versatile Queen Mattress
From your master bedroom to your guest room, a Queen mattress is the most comfortable option that provides space and legroom. This one also doesn’t take up too much space but also allows you to stay comfortable when you sleep.
A Queen Mattress With Adjustable Firmness
Choose the right firmness level for your queen mattress, from Medium, Medium-Firm, and Firm to support you as you sleep. There is no need to look for the best sleeping spot anymore, as your whole bed will be the best spot to sleep on.
Cutting-Edge Comfort & Technology
Ecosa's mattress layers redefine sleep innovation. The breathable ECO-TEX FOAM and cool G-7 MEMORY FOAM combine seamlessly with the ERGONOMIC HD SUPPORT FOAM for high-density support. This dynamic trio guarantees a refreshing and supportive sleep environment, ensuring nights of unparalleled comfort.