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Get your best sleep ever with Ecosa's mattresses. Our range of mattresses offers an unparalleled level of comfort and support coupled with a customizable firmness feature that ensures comfort and optimum alignment of your spine. Try our mattresses risk-free for 100 nights and feel the difference.

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Pure Mattress

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Align Firm Mattress

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100 Night Trial
Ergonomic Spine Alignment
15-Year Limited Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ecosa Hybrid Mattresses: Redefine Sleep Quality
Ecosa's Hybrid Mattresses usher in a new era of sleep with an exquisite blend of cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and customizable comfort that will revolutionise your nightly rest.
Pure Mattress: Unparalleled Luxury Using Natural Harmony
Indulge in the Pure Mattress, our most luxurious hybrid mattress that combines support and plushness in perfect harmony. We created it using the best materials like our BounceTech™ gel-infused memory foam, Adaptive Latex ™ Foam and 2000 microcoils. Reward yourself with a blissful sleep. Renew and rejuvenate with the Pure Mattress, our most plush mattress yet.
Align Mattress: Precision Support for Your Well-Being
The Align Mattress provides unrivalled support for your spine. This hybrid mattress combines High-Gauge Pocket Springs and High-Density Latex Foam to provide the best of both worlds—supportive while also being indulgent. Thanks to its precision engineering, you'll wake up with a revitalised spine and enjoy uninterrupted sleep with greater motion isolation.
Why Choose Ecosa's Hybrid Mattresses?
Our commitment to providing you with the best sleep that you deserve can be seen in our line of hybrid mattresses. We make sure to give you the best comfort that you deserve. Our hybrid mattresses are designed to cater to your different needs. If you want a plush bed that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, then our Pure Mattress is for you. If your back needs support and alignment, then our Align mattress will help you feel better.

Get the best sleep that you deserve. You deserve the best with Ecosa’s Hybrid Mattresses.