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Bed Size Guide – Should You Get A Queen Or A King Size Bed?

July 5, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Usually, bigger is better. Most people aspire for a bigger house, a larger car, or a significant bank account. As long as you aren’t overdoing it, wanting something more isn’t so bad.

Finding the right bed size, be it for the master bedroom or the guest room, is essential. But in this instance, larger doesn’t always mean better. You need to consider the space available and if it fits specific needs.

Getting a new bed becomes more challenging when you realise that there are tons of choices out there, even when you try to limit it between a king and queen size. Did you know that there’s more than just a standard king?

To make it easier for you, we compiled tips and things to look for when buying a new mattress. Specifically, we’ll discuss when a king or queen is the better option for you. 

Who’s using it with you?

If you’re looking to buy the best mattress available, consider your circumstances. Is it for you and your partner? Do you have kids who sometimes crawl into bed? Or is it just for you? Often, that dictates who wins the king vs queen debate. However, there can be more factors to consider.

Splurging on a new king size bed instead of a queen might be a wise investment, more so when it has the correct mattress dimensions that you need. The habits of the person you’re sharing a bed with matters. 

Unlike single sleepers, people with sleep buddies often have to make space for their partner. That’s doubly true if your partner is a very active sleeper. Having personal space is necessary for a good night’s sleep.

If your partner tosses and frequently turns while sleeping, going with a queen bed is a good choice, especially when you don’t have extra space in the bedroom for larger sizes. That offers plenty of room for two people without skimping on comfort and space.

Have fur babies? Pets can also be sleeping buddies, and they can get rowdy. If you’re sleeping with one, you know space is a necessity. Depending on the size and number of pets, you might have to splurge on a king-sized bed or even a super king.

How about you?

We’ve talked about your sleeping buddies, but what about you and your needs?

Taller people naturally require bigger beds to sleep on. Queen and king beds are the same length, but the latter is wider. If your height is above average and you happen to move around while sleeping, you’d want to have more space to do so.

It’s best not to go any smaller than a queen, so don’t bother looking at double beds. You don’t want to headbutt the headboard while sleeping. This is where a king-sized mattress or bed with extra room to twist and turn will be necessary.

Not many people consider lifestyle when choosing between a king or queen size, and that’s a shame. You may spend at least eight hours a day sleeping, but a bed is more than just for sleeping. 

The bed can be a place to bond for a family, especially with smaller kids or strengthen relationships between couples. It can also complement your hobbies, like reading or binge-watching movies. 

With the right mattress, your bedroom will feel less like merely a place to sleep but rather your own space that reflects who you are. 

Does it complement your room?

Sure, getting a huge bed seems grand. However, not everyone has the adequate room size to fit a huge bed. 

A large bed in a smaller room is a recipe for disaster. It will feel claustrophobic at worst and clutter your bedroom at best. It will also leave no space for your furniture, such as side tables or a chest of drawers.

Small rooms require a little more planning and maybe a minimalistic approach, but you should still fit the queen-sized mattress or bed comfortably. Focus on ways you can maximise the space, such as floating shelves and wall art. 

A king-sized bed works better with a large room, where you have the space to make it a feature piece with a bedhead, pillows and bedding. Remember to measure out your room before making any purchases to know exactly where and how the bed will fit.

What’ll it cost you

It’s important to set a budget when shopping for a new bed, including the mattress and the bed base or bed frame. There’s no point in skimping on something that you spend a third of your life on. 

In terms of actual costs, a king-sized bed frame mattress will always be more expensive than a queen, usually by a couple of hundred dollars. You should also consider if you plan on moving house or are currently renting. If you can’t predict what your space will look like in a couple of years, a queen-sized bed may be best.

No size fits all

The choice between king or queen size beds essentially comes down to what meets your needs. No measurement fits all bedrooms as each is unique and distinct, thanks to the design of the house or apartment. Work with the space and turn it into your own.

Remember that your bed is one piece of furniture that’s sure to see extensive use. A bed is such an important and intimate thing to purchase, so consider the decision.

In the market for a new mattress and bed base? The Ecosa Mattress and Bed Base might just be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

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