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Benefits Of A Firm Mattress

May 25, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

What comes to mind when you think “comfort”? Most people might associate comfort with softness, but when it comes to mattresses, softness isn’t actually the best. Surprising, we know, but hear us out! 

Firm mattresses offer exceptional support, are suitable to most common sleeping positions, and are beneficial to the joints and spine. A firmer mattress may be the perfect mattress for your sleep and health, regardless of your personal preference. Of course, before you decide to make the switch, what exactly are these benefits of a firm mattress?

It’s got your back!

Firm mattresses, particularly those made with memory foam, provide the best support for a good night’s sleep. We all know how much sagging and sinking can affect our sleep quality. Firmness stops your body from sinking down too much into the foam. 

Support the spine to eliminate back pain

Out of all the parts of your body, the spine benefits the most from mattress firmness. The strong support retains the natural curves of the spine, keeping it in a neutral spine position. The neutral position gives pressure relief to your upper and lower back throughout the night.

With correct spinal alignment, you may be able to alleviate any lower back pain that you have been experiencing. A softer mattress may sag too much, causing your spine to curve weirdly and leave you in an uncomfortable position. The misalignment then may lead to back problems and stiffness in the morning.

Sleep on your back or your stomach

With ample spine support, a firm mattress makes it easy to sleep in two of the most common sleeping positions. Back sleepers might find that their hips sink into a soft mattress, but a firm option will keep your hips level with the rest of your body, achieving the ideal spine angle. 

Stomach sleepers commonly find that soft mattresses do not support their stomach or spine either, and let it sink into uncomfortable positions. A firm mattress then raises your abdomen and hips to maintain a neutral spine.

The best firm mattress for all shapes and sizes

Bodyweight can be a factor when choosing a new mattress, and a memory foam mattress with the right firmness level will be the best mattress for heavier people. Soft cushioning will make you sag into the bed. Sagging, again, leads to spine misalignment. You might even feel discomfort in your pressure points. A firm alternative will support your weight better, allowing for better sleep.

illustration of a person lying on a firm bed, very comfortable

Your body will thank you

Aside from the spine, your muscles will also be less strained from all the sagging. Some other benefits of a firm mattress include less joint pain, deeper breathing, and better ventilation on hot, stuffy nights, meaning no more sweaty backs!

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Choose your firmness

If all of this is sounding too good to be true, trust us it’s not. Maybe it’s time to invest in a quality memory foam firm mattress? Although people commonly associate memory foam with a soft, contouring comfort layer, memory foam can also have adjustable firmness levels to suit your needs. 

Medium feel mattresses may be considered as the best of both worlds, as it allows a little sinking but still retains the strength to support your back. The average Australian loves medium firmness, as it is a firm favourite (no pun intended). It still feels cushiony with the support.

If you want to go up a level, try  a medium-firm mattress. Heavier sleepers should start with this level of firmness, rather than the medium one, for ample support. 

Not for the faint hearted, firm might not feel super comfortable at first, but after a few days your body will get accustomed to it, not to mention all the benefits we’ve just touched on. To achieve a soft mattress feel without compromising the support, you can simply add a memory foam mattress topper for equal comfort and support.

Find your perfect fit

Do you need more convincing that a firm mattress is actually great for sleeping? Well that’s where Ecosa comes in. The Ecosa Mattress offers interchangeable mattress firmness layers, so you can test out each level to see what feels the best for you. Plus you’ve got 100 nights to trial your mattress, so you really can’t go wrong. 

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