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Best Mattress for Students at Uni

May 3, 2023   By Clarisa Mcdonald

One of the exciting things you get to do upon entering college is preparing your dorm room. And most likely, you’re in the market for a new mattress. 

It’s typical for students at uni to check out affordable mattresses before making a decision to spend their hard-earned money. Maybe you’ll scope out a few online stores or read mattress reviews and find out that it’s not as simple as you thought it would be as there are factors to consider aside from the price. 

To find that new bed in a box that’s best for you, you have to do your due diligence. So without compromising your sleeping experience and budget, choose your new mattress based on factors such as the size best for your room space, the mattress best suited to your sleeping position, and the brand with a good company policy and reputation. 

Size, Room Space, and Budget 

A super king or a queen mattress is obviously not popular among students at uni unless they have a space big enough to accommodate those sizes and with room to spare.

According to StudentRoomStay, student accommodations average is around 12 x 19 ft or approximately 228 sq ft (21㎡). And even if you choose to live in a 6-bedroom apartment, your personal bedroom space may not even reach 228 sq ft. These short-term accommodations, designed for students, include studio apartments or shared rooms with communal areas.

It’s advisable to initially measure the space in your room where you plan to place the bed. After which, you can choose among available sizes that will give you ample space to move around and place your other furniture.

Ecosa’s Vital Mattress has sizes that best suit spaces in student accommodations and housing. And while it is relatively affordable, it still offers the best options with high-quality construction, materials, and certifications. Here are the different Ecosa Vital Mattresses:

  1. Ecosa Vital Mattress – Single is only $700.
  2. Ecosa Vital Mattress- King Single is at $750.
  3. Ecosa Vital Mattress- Double is at $850

In comparison to other brands, Sleeping Duck is around $300 more expensive. Casper, on the other hand, doesn’t have a single-sized mattress. And compared to Koala, you can expect better quality with the Ecosa Vital Mattress’ multiple comfort layers and support foams that we’ll be laying out in a few.

If you hurry, you might just make it before the 20% promo expires on the 19th of April. And guess what? Depending on your total purchase amount, you can also get a free pillow or two in addition to the 20% promo. Don’t worry about shipping fees because it’s free delivery New Zealand-wide. Just place your order, sit back, relax, and your mattress in a box will be delivered to you!

Going for a Mattress Topper Instead

What if your dorm already provided a bed for you? And maybe it’s not a mattress to your liking? What if it’s too old or too firm?

Colleges and universities may have restrictions about bringing in your own mattress so make sure to check with your institution before making a purchase. In any case, if you don’t have any other choice but to deal with your dorm-issued mattress, you can always add a mattress topper to it! It might even be a better option if you have a tight budget since getting a topper is way cheaper than buying a mattress.

The Ecosa Topper is made of ultra-plush gel memory foam for cloud-like comfort, giving you a squishier sleep while restoring support and comfort to your current mattress.

What is the Ecosa difference?

1.) The memory foam mattress topper provides premium comfort and weight distribution.

2.) Its cover is made from eco-friendly Tencel that is soft to the touch, ultra-breathable, and easily washable.

3.) It’s CertiPUR-US certified and uses OEKO-Tex Standard 100 cover fabrics.

Specs and Mattress Performance

Removable and Machine-Washable Cover: This feature may not seem necessary. But if you plan to resell your mattress after graduation, you have to consider possible stains and spills from coffee or snacks that will ruin the mattress and lower its resale value. Good thing the Vital Ecosa Mattress has a removable and washable OceanCycled™ top cover made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the ocean.

You can also get a mattress cover or mattress protector that will give you a worry-free experience and prolong the life of your mattress. 

Comfort Layers and Support Foams: What makes the Ecosa Vital Mattress stand out is its comfort layers and support foams that make it a great mattress compared to other brands that only have a few layers and variations:

  • 5cm Air Memory Foam: Memory foam has pincore holes that allow ultra-breathability.
  • Tranquil Foam: Pressure-relieving comfort foam to support you through the night.
  • 1cm Transition Foam: Alleviates the reactive force of the pocket springs and enhances the no partner disturbance.
  • 12cm 7 Zone Pocket Springs: 7 zones of support for each part of the body, supporting your spine and cushions pressure points
  • Recycled Felt: Protective layer for the pocket springs, made from 100% recycled materials.
  • 1cm Reinforced Foam: Firm foam supports and protects the pocket spring

Breathable and Cool: As a student with a cramped schedule, a bed that heats up while you sleep is the last thing you want to worry about. And if you’re a hot sleeper, choosing a breathable bed with good temperature regulation to keep the body cool for a good night’s sleep is essential. 

Ecosa’s Vital Mattress fits this description perfectly. It allows you to experience an easy-breezy sleep with its zoned pocket springs that allow air to flow freely throughout all layers of the vital mattress.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable: The youth is driven by a common goal to slow and reverse the effects of climate change. The good news? Ecosa is proudly carbon neutral by offsetting the carbon produced through projects that support communities and help bring down carbon to net-zero emissions. 

Being OceanCycle certified, 120 plastic bottles collected from the ocean have been used and repurposed into the Vital Mattress cover. It is also Oeko Tex 100 certified, meaning no harmful substances or nasty chemicals were used to produce the Vital Mattress.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

There are 2 things to consider that are directly related to your sleeping position – firmness levels and pressure relief. 

A firm mattress is better for back or stomach sleepers to support the heavier areas of the body. In addition, it will keep the spine supported adequately and help those dealing with lower back pain. 

On the other hand, side sleepers should opt for a softer mattress that can bend to one’s shoulders and hips, reducing common pressure points. Beds that are slightly soft offer more pressure relief than those with a very firm feel.

Did you know that Ecosa’s Vital Mattress is a hybrid mattress that can address pressure points and give proper support with its medium firmness? 

The Ecosa Vital Mattress is a comfortable hybrid mattress that supports you in all the right places. Its pocket springs are individually wrapped coils that move independently to contour the body. And to ensure reinforced edge support, firmer springs are used along the perimeter of the mattress. 

What more? You don’t need to flip or rotate the Ecosa Vital Mattress due to its ergonomic alignment!

Types of Mattress to Avoid

As a student, pulling an all-nighter is inevitable so you’re bound to get less sleep than you should. Although we advise against this with the aid of good time management, there are other techniques that may help you get through short-term periods of sleep deprivation.

Either way, you deserve to experience quality sleep with the help of a good mattress. Just remember to avoid:

  • Those without generous consideration for returns, refunds, and in-home sleep trials. Imagine buying one and not eventually liking it. You’ll either spend for a replacement or stick with feeling uncomfortable. It is best to avoid this unpleasant outcome by considering companies that offer lengthy in-home trial periods and easy returns. With Ecosa, you’re guaranteed to get a 100-night trial and a 15-year warranty.
  • Mattress brands without a good reputation, track record and longevity. Sooner or later, some mattresses start to lose their supportive capabilities. Remember, the quality and materials of a mattress significantly impact how it performs.
  • Poor customer reviews (especially from college students). Online comments and reviews can help gauge objective information. However, it should not be taken as gospel. It will be ideal to do this without relying on only a few comments. Read through different reviews and quantify. 
  • Lack or absence of mattress certifications. Don’t just settle for descriptions that are vague. It is best if it’s backed up by organizations that conduct certification programs and are trusted for the proper standards.

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