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Creative Ways to Use a Mattress Topper

May 8, 2023   By Clarisa Mcdonald

You might be looking at that title and thinking, what do you mean, how else can it be used? A mattress topper provides another layer of cushioning and support above your old mattress (you can use it for a brand-new mattress too). You may need one if your mattress is too firm for your liking, and you’ve been having a difficult time sleeping. A topper may then give you the desired amount of softness when placed on top of your mattress. So what else can it be used for?

We’ve noticed some of our friends of Ecosa have been using mattress toppers in the most curious of ways, so we thought we’d combine them to spark your own creativity! Head over to Ecosa’s Instagram and see for yourself how inventive they’ve been!

These ideas are great if you’ve got an old mattress topper and you’re ready for an upgrade, so rather than throwing it out, you can repurpose it. But, if you want to get a new mattress topper to experiment with unique and creative ways to use it, then we’d love to see your ideas!

Outdoor Nap Time

Lazy afternoons call for relaxing naps, and what better way to laze around than under the bright sun? You only need to place a mattress topper on your lawn. You’d never set up a mattress or a bed frame outside. A topper will be your comfiest and best bet for a great afternoon nap while enjoying some sunlight.

For families, the children may enjoy this as they get to sleep while still receiving sunlight needed by their growing bodies. Or, if they’re busy running around and playing, you can relax back on the topper while still keeping an eye on them. The breathable mattress pad is also a bonus as this allows you to stay cool with increased airflow as you lounge outdoors.

The Easy-To-Store Guest Bed

When you don’t have access to a spare bed or blow-up mattress, where will your guests sleep when they stay the night? Sleeping on the floor or the couch can be troublesome, especially for firmer couches as these can cause pressure points on the sleeper.

Your guest need not sleep on the floor, the couch or a bean bag when you have a mattress topper!  It will be easy to set up too, which is great for those late nights when all you want to do is sleep.

Cuddle with Your Pets

Rather than throw away an old and worn mattress or topper, why not donate it to your favourite furry friend? Your dogs and cats also need a good night’s sleep, and they love to sleep with you around.

Mattress toppers can be great pet beds, especially for bigger dogs, or when you want to have a nap while cuddling your furbabies. For dog owners, some dog trainers suggest that you keep your pets off your actual bed to teach them boundaries and assert your authority over them. By cuddling with them on a mattress topper on the floor, the boundaries are still kept, they know not to go on the bed but you still get your cuddles.

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Camp Out in Comfort

Back to the outdoors! Taking your mattress topper out for camping trips is a great way to stay comfy while roughing it outdoors.  Whether you go with friends or family, you won’t have all the luxuries of modern-day living, but at least you can have a good night’s sleep. We understand the morning back pains from sleeping on the ground.

You will then have all the softness you want from a bed without having to trouble yourself by handling a large, firm mattress. (You can look forward to getting back to your own mattress after the trip).

Glamping with a Mattress Topper

You might have heard of the new craze that is glamping—a mix of “glamorous” and “camping”. It means camping out with the luxury of modern technology and a fancy set-up. Whilst there are plenty of glamping companies that will organise everything for you, why not DIY and set up your own space?

With this, you may set up better and more spacious accommodations aside from the usual tent. Throw in some memory foam pillows, a rug, chairs, and some lights if you brought a generator or a large battery. Lastly, you may set up a king-size mattress topper with a fitted sheet as the perfectly soft bed to top off your glamping experience.

After all, it’s best to sacrifice nothing when glamping, not even the feel and pressure relief of a memory foam bed. Just lay it down, and you’d be off to a great night’s sleep.

The Ultimate Van Life Set Up

Some kiwis have turned to live life on the road, and you may be planning to do the same. Life on the road requires a caravan, a converted van or a large enough vehicle to serve as your tiny home. You may not have the same space as a little house, yet you may still make yourself comfortable with a mattress topper.

Wherever the vehicles are parked while on the road, van life sleepers will always have a soft bed to lay on. For larger vans, why not squeeze in the Ecosa Mattress for the ultimate night’s sleep?

Take Your Topper Out for a Picnic

When you camp out or live on the road, or even if you stay at home, you may pull out a mattress topper for a nice picnic. Wrap the topper in a mattress cover, a fitted bed sheet, or an old duvet cover. The extra layer will keep your topper clean and free of crumbs and stains.

Play Time for Your Little Ones

The Ecosa Mattress Topper also works great as a play mat for your babies. The soft and cushiony feel on top of the mattress will protect your little ones against any bumps or scrapes and will allow them to play, learn and grow. With a removable cover, it’s also easy to wash for any accidents.

All Ecosa mattress toppers come with a machine washable Tencel cover, which is waterproof and can also prevent allergens and dust mites from being accumulated, making it one of the best mattress toppers for your children.

What’s Your Creative Way?

As you have read by now, a mattress topper can be so much more than just an ordinary and old mattress topper. You may enjoy any of the creative ways you can use a mattress topper as outlined above, you can even find different use with the different mattress sizes. Who knows, you may be able to find a new way of using one yourself. What have you thought of?

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