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Ecosa Vital Mattress: We Made the Traditional Spring Mattress Better

May 8, 2023   By Danielle Herrera

Spring mattresses have been around since the 1870s and continue to be a popular mattress today.
However, traditional spring mattresses tend to sag and deteriorate earlier than other mattress types. The bounciness of the springs also often disturbs sleeping partners.

  • The Ecosa Vital Mattress improves on the shortcomings of the old-fashioned spring mattress with its long-lasting construction and virtually no partner disturbance.
  • It also allows extreme breathability and sustains strong support for heavier sleepers.
  • Combined with fan-favourite Ecosa memory foam layers, the Vital Mattress creates a well-rounded experience fit for all sorts of sleepers.

Centuries-Old Invention: The Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses, also known as innerspring mattresses, have been around since the 1870s. Heinrich Westphal from Berlin, Germany took the metal coils from horse-drawn carriage seats and created a new kind of mattress to replace the hay, wool, and down beds of the time.

The innerspring mattress only picked up steam in the 1930s. From that point on, the spring has evolved to include various coil types and foam layers to cover the coils. However, despite these developments, spring mattresses still carry common issues that make it hard for modern consumers to pick the bed type.

Issues as Old as Time

1. It Rocks Like a Boat.

The classic and old spring has well-known problems among sleepers. For one, the coils give the spring mattress its bounce, yet sometimes, it has too much bounce. This becomes a problem when you have two sleepers on the bed. If one keeps tossing and turning or regularly wakes up, the other will be just as disturbed. Worst case, your sleeping partner will suffer from motion sickness.

2. Lesser Coil Quality Rocks Out at Night.

Spring mattresses are generally more affordable than memory foam mattresses and other bed types. Of course, with lower prices, you may get lower quality coils. These coils have the tendency to creak every time you move. Old spring mattresses with worn out coils will cause the same squeaking noises.

3. Weak Coils Sag in Time.

Aging beds not only lead to creaky coils, but you’ll also see sagging parts. The bed sustains extra pressure at points where your weight is concentrated. Sleeping position plays a part in this. Back sleepers tend to have concentrated weight around their pelvic region and lower back. Side sleepers often experience more pressure on their joints. These pressure points wear out specific parts or coils on the bed since they don’t contour to the shape of your body.

After some time, certain portions of the bed may sag. When you put your weight on the sagging areas, you lose needed support. Come morning, you may wake up with back pain and joint aches.

4. You’ll See a Premature End.

Too much motion transfer and overpressure quicken the deterioration of a spring mattress. Even if you still have years of warranty, you’ll have to throw it out as rubbish. You’ll then be back to square one, looking for a new mattress. This may set your wallet back since beds are significant investments. Throwing out a bad pick means throwing out your investment in that bed.

Ecosa Vital Mattress: Not like Any Other Spring-Type

The Ecosa Vital Mattress succeeds where the traditional spring bed fails. We combined the bestselling Ecosa memory foam with 7 zone pocket springs, creating an all-around bed for everyone. Regardless of your sleeping position and your weight class (300kgs total or up to 150kgs per sleeper), you may enjoy the medium-firm Vital Mattress.

Move without Waking Anybody

Toss and turn as much as you need to, and your partner still gets a good night’s sleep. The Vital Mattress has a Transition Foam layer that minimises the movement of the pocket springs. No matter how much you move, anyone beside you, even a glass of water, will have complete peace.

Bounce and Make No Noise

Using a Transition Foam doesn’t mean that our Vital Mattress has lost all its softness and bounce. The 7 zone pocket springs still provides an enjoyable bounce to the bed. At the same time, pocket springs are made up of individually-wrapped coils that move independently of each other, leading to less noise. Say goodbye to a creaky bed!

Ache no more with pinpointed support

Because of the individual fabric wrapping of each coil, the Vital Mattress contours more properly to your body. You get pinpoint support no matter what your sleeping position is, and in turn, your weight doesn’t cause sagging parts. This allows for pressure relief to your joints, lower back, and spine.

Now with a memory foam comfort layer, the new spring bed also gives you a firm mattress to sleep on even if you weigh on the heavy side. The combination of 7 zone pocket springs and memory foam will hold you up with no effort. Finally, firmer coils at the perimeter of the bed will ensure edge support whenever you stay on the edges.

Expect a Long-Lasting Mattress Life

With its precise construction and sturdy structure, the Ecosa Vital Mattress will last you for a decade, durability that lasts years more than your usual spring mattress. It’s a mattress pick that you can trust to stand the test of time. In addition, your bed is covered by a 15-year warranty for peace of mind.

Stay Cool throughout the Night

Spring mattresses are known to have high airflow, while foam layers tend to be hot, but it contours to your body and provides the support you need. With the Ecosa memory foam that has pincore hole technology, you get the best of both worlds as air will pass through keeping the mattress cool while you sleep. The memory foam above the pocket springs in the Vital Mattress will have no problem cooling you during sleep.

Stay Eco-Friendly with Your New Product

Finally, the bed comes in materials that have positive impact to the environment. The washable mattress cover will be easy to clean; at the same time, the removable cover comes from 120 plastic bottles collected from the ocean and repurposed into mattress covers.

You also don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals. The bed has a Oeko Tex 100 certification that verifies its chemical-free make. The bed is also anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic.

The Ultimate Spring Mattress for 2022

Common spring mattresses may be headaches to sleepers, but the Ecosa Vital Mattress will meet your needs and help you enjoy your sleep again. It will last you through all your nightly rests for years to come.

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