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How to Makeover Your Kid’s Bedroom

May 3, 2023   By Ecosa Dream Writers

We love a good makeover, especially for the bedroom. When it comes to kids, their obsessions with different colours, characters, or toys constantly evolve as they get older. So sometimes it’s necessary to conduct a bedroom makeover that caters to their growing bodies and current likes. 

This is a fun DIY project for the school holidays. It’s something you can do together as a family but also gives your kid the opportunity to make his or her space their own. Here’re our best tips for a kid’s bedroom makeover.

Choose a Theme and Colour That They Won’t Grow Out Of

We hate to break it to you, but your little one is just going to keep growing and growing in size and personality. When it’s time to makeover their bedroom, guide them toward choosing a theme that you know they won’t grow out of – at least not for a while! So rather than a Peppa Pig theme bedroom, opt for something more timeless. Perhaps a world theme decorated with maps and flags, or under the sea, nautical, modern art, or subtle safari. 

When choosing a colour scheme for your child’s bedroom, go with a light palette. Hot pink may be their favourite colour when they’re three, but that might change as they grow up. Try offsetting hot pink accents with pale pink pastel instead, or going for brighter bedding colours to satisfy their favourite palettes in the short term. 

Add Cool Lighting

Lighting is important in kids’ bedrooms. It can upgrade the room from young and playful to simple and mature, with the right accessories. With a theme in place, look through options for lighting. To add decoration, consider colourful paper lamps that hang from the wall. You can get creative with string lights by letting them hang down the wall or hang above the bed. Don’t forget a decorative bedside table lamp. Our best advice? Skip the floor lamps — they’ll only add clutter to a kid’s room. Opt for simple, timeless overhead lights with adjustable brightness. 

Focus on Storage Space and Simple Decorating Ideas 

When it comes to decorating, things can get messy. Kids love their toys, accessories, and arts and crafts and want to show them off. They might want to put their dolls or trucks on display, but next thing you know, everything will end up on the floor–and stay there. To keep things organised, store toys in boxes under the bed frame. Ecosa’s bed base is ideal for under-bed toy storage! 

When it comes to adding decoration to the walls, frame their artwork to motivate their creativity. Plus, it’s a great DIY project to involve them in their bedroom decoration! 

Build an Organised Wardrobe

A child’s wardrobe is complicated. It should be practical for them and organised. Opt for something something that puts everything in its place — shorts, shirts, uniforms, shoes, and accessories, to promote a tidy bedroom.

For instance, colour-coded boxes for folded clothes, shelving for shoes, double clothing rods for uniforms, and a (big) laundry basket are essential to a practical kid’s bedroom makeover. 

Include a Bookshelf and Desk to Encourage Reading and Homework

As your kids get older, their homework load will increase. They’ll need a space that encourages them to focus without distractions. A simple kid-friendly desk and a comfy chair near the window of the bedroom might be just what they need. It can be used for crafts when they’re young and transition into a workspace as they get older. A good desk is timeless. 

Make sure the desk includes drawers for tools and notebooks so that it doesn’t clutter the surface. Add simple shelves above the desk for books and picture frames. The top of the desk should remain relatively clear aside from a fun lamp and holders for pens and markers. 

Add a Big Chair for Comfort

A kid’s bedroom might not be big enough for a lot of bedroom furniture, but if you add anything, consider a big chair. A big comfy chair in a child’s bedroom is essential for cuddles (of course) but also encouraging reading. When they’re young, it might be used as a spot for stuffed animals or for reading bedtime stories together. But as they get older, picture them snuggling up in the comfy chair and reading a good book as it rains. Reading nooks are always ideal for girl’s or boy’s bedrooms. 

Upgrade to a Bed That They’ll Grow Into and Be Excited about Sleeping In

Remember that your little one is going to continue growing. Make sure the bed is suitable for them in the long run. A king single or double mattress may be a bit big for them when they’re young, but as they grow into teenagers, it becomes the perfect size. While they’re still young, bed rails might help with the transition so you don’t have to worry about them falling out of bed.

Choose a memory foam mattress with adjustable firmness and spinal support for a growing child. Bonus points if it comes with a removable mattress cover that’s waterproof and dust mite free, like Ecosa’s. Accidents happen, after all. A kids room makeover is a super fun project. Take advantage of the time you have during the school holidays to create the perfect space for your mini-me. 

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