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7 Reasons Why the Ecosa Mattress is the Perfect Gift this Christmas

May 8, 2023   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Have you considered giving a gift to your loved ones that they will cherish every single day? Well, here’s something they will very much appreciate as a Christmas gift – a new memory foam mattress for the best sleep they can ever experience!

Think about it. The Ecosa mattress might finally be the time you get to help relieve your parents’ lower back pain. Or maybe it’s just the perfect season to surprise your brother or sister by finally allowing them to say goodbye to that old mattress they have at home.

How about your partner? A good memory foam mattress will help with that good night’s sleep, and you know, everything else in between. 

Here are seven unique reasons why an Ecosa Mattress can make the perfect gift.

1. It Will Be the Biggest Box under the Tree

Yes, the Ecosa Mattress is delivered in a box! The biggest box under the tree is usually the gift everyone looks forward to unwrapping the most.

You know it, we know it – it’s the big gift that you’d want to save for last under that Christmas tree. 

But what if the delivery time is a concern because this happens to be a last-minute gift idea? Don’t worry, Ecosa ensures same-day delivery in the metro areas of Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. 

The Ecosa Mattress can also be a good present for your significant other – the kind of surprise that you will benefit from too!

2. Time for an Innovative Change

Did you know that a memory foam mattress can adjust accordingly to your body by reducing the pressure from your body by up to 50%?

It supports the body evenly, creating perfect spinal alignment. 

The Ecosa Mattress also has zero motion transfer, so your partner can go in and out of bed without you feeling any movement. Cool, right? 

3. Not the Low-Quality Version

Memory foam mattresses shape to body pressure and heat. They have been very popular for years now because of their durability and support. 

The hype is real. Memory foam mattresses are an incredibly popular option. But know that it is saturated with plenty of low-quality memory foam.

Mattresses should have the proper certifications, such as:

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100- certifies that everything in the product is void of harmful substances and harmless in ecological terms.
  • CertiPUR-US- ensures little to no heavy metals, PBDEs in flame retardants, VOCs, toxic chemicals, and other compounds found in products that harm our environment.

So why Ecosa? Because you can expect to wake up the next day knowing that you just slept in the best quality mattress available, with its guaranteed quality that cares for you while you sleep. 

4. According to One’s Preference

Are you concerned with firmness levels of the mattress to ensure a comfortable sleep and sound sleep quality? Is it medium-firm or just firm? We’ve got you covered with options to suit everybody. 

If you are unsure of what suits you best, you have 100 nights to test it for yourself, and if you don’t love it, you can send it back for a refund.

Of course, if you already know the level of firmness that suits your body best, then you are free to choose between medium, firm, or medium-firm.

5. Investing in Long-Term Wellness

Have you ever thought about the number of dust mites on our beds and how they enjoy living in the pores of our foam pillows and mattresses?

Imagine that old mattress you have had for a couple of years that could have 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside it! Gross, we know.

This is why we made the Ecosa Mattress to be certified hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic mattresses usually use memory foam since it has closed pores, meaning it doesn’t give dust mites any space to squeeze in.

Consider the buildup and accumulation of mould and mildew in your mattress. The less moisture on your bed’s surface, the less ideal it would be for bacteria to live on.

With the Ecosa Mattress, you are protected from experiencing a runny and stuffy nose, watery eyes, skin irritation or itchiness. The waterproof cover contains microfilaments to protect the mattress from bacteria and dust mites.

6. The Gift with the Most Considerate Offer

We mentioned the 100-night trial, but what’s the best thing about it? 

If for any reason your loved one is not happy with their new mattress, it will be collected by the Salvation Army to be donated to families in need. Once the mattress has been collected, you will be issued a full refund!

You heard that right – no Ecosa returns go to landfill. So expect your loved one to be in awe with the best eco-friendly mattress available in New Zealand that only keeps on giving.

With Ecosa, you get to experience the best sleep ever and peace of mind with a 15-year warranty. So yes, it’s not just the 100-night trial available.

What more can you ask for? 

7. You Will Be among the First and Last They Think Of

Ecosa offers the best mattress-in-a-box that goes beyond mere tangible benefits. 

When your loved ones realise that it does ease their back pain, address their pressure points, is breathable, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, they will be grateful for you as often as they wake up in the morning or before they fall asleep. 

Feel free to read some of the 15,000 Ecosa Mattress reviews from customers and see the fantastic feedback for yourself! 

What are you waiting for? Check out the Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress.

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