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Side Sleepers, Meet the Ecosa Pillow

May 7, 2024   By Jennifer Cook

What side of the bed do you prefer? 

Is it the left or the right? Whichever it is, if you’re a side sleeper, this article is for you. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, side and back sleepers have more spine-friendly pressure support, experience lesser acid reflux and addresses back pain. This position also lessens snoring concerns!

This isn’t to say stomach sleepers are wrong. It would help if you stuck to the sleeping position you feel most comfortable with.

More than half of the planet sleeps on their side. If you’re part of the 60%, you might want to keep reading, trust us.

What Customers Say About the Ecosa Pillow

We can go on and on about this fantastic pillow but don’t just take our word for it, consider these testimonials from our satisfied clients!

Say Goodbye to Neck Pain

When choosing a pillow, firmness should be the primary consideration. That’s why investing in a memory foam pillow is a good move that pays off the initial cost with good sleep for years. 

That said, you expect one to contour with your side sleeping position. The problem is, what if you need it to be taller or shorter.

Luckily for you and Matthew, one of our cherished customers, the Ecosa Pillow, is customisable.

Adjustability matters, so we included height pads to help lessen neck and shoulder pains. By hitting all these pressure points and cushioning them, you can sleep restfully without waking up sore!

This adjustable height appears to have helped Luke, one of our customers, with recurring neck and back pains. That could be you!

The Ecosa Pillow is the perfect blend of ergonomic craftsmanship and high-quality comfort. You might want to get one for your bed ASAP!

Breathable? You Bet

Summers can get unrelenting. If you need to work or be outside the whole day, you’d want nothing more than to have a relaxing sleep unbothered by sweating.

December to February nights can be warm to brutal, so sleeping on your side often results in your face or cheeks being drenched in sweat—not exactly conducive to restorative shut-eye.

Good thing the Ecosa Pillow boasts excellent airflow, courtesy of a 3D foam structure that regulates temperature as no other pillow can. Be prepared to forget what a moist pillow feels like.

Pair that with a silky smooth removable cover, and you’ll go to dreamland completely sweat-free!

While this temperature-control feature works for any position, side sleepers will love the Ecosa Pillow’s cooling powers. Try one out now!

Optimal Firmness Level

Comfort is sometimes subjective. Heels might work for you, but they make my ankles scream. 

Ideally, your pillow shouldn’t be too soft to make pressure relief feel like a joke, but it shouldn’t be unyielding. Otherwise, any rock would do.

If you’re a side sleeper, you’d want your pillow to be comfortable enough to cushion your face but not too much that you’d feel sucked in. 

Getting that particular firm feel can get tricky, but seeing the comments of verified side sleeping buyers about how the Ecosa Pillow helped their neck and back concerns makes it all worth it. 

The best pillow isn’t always the softest. Sometimes, good quality means a pillow must be firm to provide pressure support while still providing undeniable comfort. Good thing you can sleep on the Ecosa Pillow tonight.

Not Just for Side Sleepers 

We discussed how the Ecosa Pillow can help side sleepers transition from wide awake to dreaming fast. Now, let’s discuss why this pillow is also suitable for others.

Machine-Washable Covers = Convenience

While not a deal-breaker, having a removable and washable outer cover makes taking care of your pillows easier. That’s why the Ecosa Pillow comes equipped with one!

Regularly changing your sheets and washing your pillowcases are necessary to keep your bed healthy and hygienic. That doesn’t mean your hands should suffer. Springing for pillows with washable covers is a win.

No One Bites Any Dust

Speaking of hygiene, sleeping with the Ecosa Pillow means not worrying about dust, bugs, allergens, or even unwanted odours. How?

It’s all thanks to an activated charcoal memory foam structure that repels these buggers without obstructing your rest. 

While this feature benefits side sleepers the most, due to their faces glued to pillows more often than others, you generally want the surface you’re sleeping on to be hygienic. Getting an Ecosa Pillow ensures just that.

Lose No Sleep with a 100 Nights Trial Period Warranty

Most people don’t choose memory foam pillows because they’re kind of pricey. That’s a valid concern, but it also shouldn’t discourage you from giving them a chance.

Why not start with the Ecosa Pillow. Avail of our 100-night trial period and get ready for the best sleep you’ve ever had! Test it out to know if if’s right for you.

To get restorative sleep. Investing in a memory foam pillow is a good start, especially when it’s worth the splurge.

Stay on the Side of Good Sleep

Nothing beats sleeping comfortably. That’s the kind of experience every person should have, whether you’re a side sleeper or someone who prefers lying on their back or stomach.

Achieving that sweet snug spot can be tricky, so we designed the Ecosa Pillow to help you achieve it. But the buck doesn’t stop there.

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