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The Best Guide to Choosing a Futon Sofa Bed

February 20, 2024   By JM Carpiso

Are you in the market for a new sofa bed? If so, you may want to consider a futon sofa bed. Not only are they versatile and stylish, but they also provide a comfortable place for guests to sleep.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the right futon sofa bed for your home? In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

What is a Futon Sofa Bed?

A futon sofa bed is a multipurpose furniture item that may be used as a bed or a sofa. It originated in Japan and is usually made up of a padded mattress that can be folded up or rolled out from a sofa frame to make a bed when needed. Futon sofa beds are renowned for their adaptability and space-saving style, which makes them perfect for guest rooms or little living areas. Their designs are frequently straightforward yet effective, and the mattress may be quickly changed from a sofa to a bed.

The mattress of a futon sofa bed can range from a traditional cotton-stuffed sofa bed to a modern memory foam or innerspring mattress. The futon sofa’s frame can be constructed from wood, metal, or a composite of these two materials.

Due to their ease of conversion from a sofa to a bed and back again, futon sofa beds are a popular option for small areas. They are also a fantastic choice for people who don’t have a designated guest room yet frequently host overnight guests.

Types of Futon Sofa Beds

There are several types of futon sofa beds to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are the most common types:

Bi-Fold Futon Sofa Bed

A bi-fold futon sofa bed is the most traditional type of futon. It consists of a frame that folds in half to create a sofa and unfolds to create a bed. This type of futon is typically the most affordable and is a great option for those on a budget.

Tri-Fold Futon Sofa Bed

A tri-fold futon sofa bed is similar to a bi-fold futon but folds into thirds instead of halves. This type of futon is typically more comfortable than a bi-fold, as it allows for a thicker mattress. However, it may also be more expensive.

Futon Sectional Sofa Bed

A futon sectional sofa bed combines a futon and a sectional sofa. It typically consists of two or more pieces that can be arranged in different configurations to create a sofa, a bed, or a chaise lounge. This type of futon is a great option for those who want the versatility of a futon with the comfort and style of a sectional sofa.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Futon Sofa Bed

When shopping for a futon sofa bed, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Here are the most important things to remember:


The first thing to consider is the size of the futon sofa bed. You’ll want to make sure it fits comfortably in your space, both when it’s in sofa form and when it’s in bed form. Measure the area where you plan to place the futon and compare it to the dimensions of the futon you’re considering.

Frame Material

The frame material of a futon sofa bed can affect its durability, appearance, and price. Here are the most common materials used for futon frames:

  • Wood: Wood frames are sturdy and can add a touch of warmth and elegance to a room. However, they may be more expensive and may require more maintenance than other materials.
  • Metal: Metal frames are typically more affordable and require less maintenance than wood frames. They can also be more lightweight and easier to move.
  • Combination: Some futon frames are made of a combination of wood and metal, offering the best of both worlds in terms of durability and style.

Mattress Type

The type of mattress you choose for your futon sofa bed can greatly affect its comfort and durability. Here are the most common types of futon mattresses:

  • Polyurethane: Polyurethane is a durable and versatile material for futon sofa beds, offering both practicality and comfort. This provides resilience against wear and tear. This versatile material provides a supportive yet cushioning surface for sitting and sleeping, ensuring a restful experience, whether a sofa or a bed. 

Polyurethane’s resilience allows the futon sofa bed to maintain its shape and structure over time, providing long-lasting comfort for users. Polyurethane weighs light and is easy to move about, making it convenient for folding and unfolding the futon as needed. 

  • Cotton-filled: Cotton-filled futon mattresses are the most traditional type and are typically the most affordable. They can be comfortable, but they may not provide enough support for some people.
  • Innerspring: Innerspring futon mattresses are similar to traditional mattresses and offer more support than cotton-filled mattresses. However, they may be more expensive.
  • Memory foam: Memory foam futon mattresses are known for their comfort and support. They can be more expensive than other types of mattresses, but they may be worth the investment for a good night’s sleep.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid futon mattresses combine the support of an innerspring mattress with the comfort of a memory foam mattress. They may be more expensive, but they can provide the best of both worlds.

Cover Material

The cover material of a futon sofa bed can affect its appearance, comfort, and durability. Here are the most common materials used for futon covers:

  • Cotton: Cotton is a popular choice for futon covers, as it is soft, breathable, and easy to clean. However, it may wrinkle easily and may not be as durable as other materials.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is a synthetic material that is soft, durable, and easy to clean. It is also resistant to stains and wrinkles.
  • Leather: Leather is a luxurious and durable option for futon covers. However, it may be more expensive and may require more maintenance than other materials.
  • Linen: Linen is a lightweight and breathable material that is perfect for warmer climates. It is also easy to clean and resistant to wrinkles.
  • Velvet: Velvet is a soft and luxurious material that can add a touch of elegance to a room. However, it may be more expensive and may require more maintenance than other materials.

Colour and Style

The colour and style of a futon sofa bed can greatly affect its appearance and how well it fits in with your existing decor. Consider the colour and style of your room and choose a futon that complements it. Grey futon sofa beds are a popular choice, as they are neutral and can match a variety of colour schemes.

Tips for Maintaining Your Futon Sofa Bed

Happy cleaning concept.

To ensure your futon sofa bed lasts for years to come, it’s important to maintain it properly. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Regular maintenance:
    • Vacuum regularly on low suction to remove dust and debris. Avoid placing the sofa in direct sunlight, which can fade the fabric colour.
  • Spills and spot cleaning:
    • Important: First, test the cleaning method on a hidden sofa area. If you see a change in colour, do not continue. Remove any spills immediately. Do not scrub with a stiff brush. Use a clean cloth to blot out any excess liquid. Avoid using excess water, as this may result in a water stain. Allow the fabric to dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.
  • Steam cleaning:
    • We recommend leaving deep cleaning of your futon sofa bed to professionals and finding a local upholstery cleaning company to do the job.

A futon sofa bed is a versatile and practical piece of furniture that can provide both seating and sleeping space in your home. By considering the size, frame material, mattress type, cover material, and style, you can choose the perfect futon sofa bed for your needs. With proper maintenance, your futon sofa bed can provide comfort and convenience for years to come.

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