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Best Bed Base for a Memory Foam Mattress

May 6, 2024   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Finding the right mattress is half the battle – but without the perfect bed, your sleep experience isn’t complete. We know you need that beauty sleep. 

Choosing the right foundation for your memory foam mattress can deliver a life-improving sleep.

So how do you choose the best bed base for your memory foam mattress?

Bed Bases with Air Circulation

What Your Bed Colour Says About You

Box springs, wooden slats, platform beds – where do you begin? What’s important to note is that memory foam mattresses need proper air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable at night.

When your body moulds to the shape of the memory foam, it can compromise air circulation between your body and the mattress itself. This can result in extra warmth interrupting your sleep.

While several mattresses are built with cooling technology (like Ecosa’s adjustable memory foam mattress), it is still important to allow your mattress to breathe. This prevents excess heat, moisture, and mould build-up over time.

We recommend choosing a memory foam mattress foundation that lets your mattress breathe properly through the night. The best way to circulate air in your memory foam bed is to opt for a bed with wooden slats. Here’s why:

Can I Put My Memory Foam Mattress on Any Bed?

You may already have a bed base at home that you’re not quite ready to give up. We get it, you’ve been through a lot together. 

It could be worth upgrading your bed base to fit your new memory foam mattress.

Can I use a memory foam mattress on box springs?

The mattress technology used in memory foam means box springs are not typically appropriate bed bases for this type of mattress. Memory foam mattresses are built to handle impact absorption, so you won’t need a box spring bed base. It can also make your bed more bulky and ruin the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Can I use a memory foam mattress on a platform bed frame?

This type of bed base doesn’t provide the enough ventilation underneath the mattress for proper cooling. Heat and moisture can tend to build up in your memory foam mattress which makes it both uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Can I use a memory foam mattress on a wooden slat bed base?

Ah now we’re talking. Bed bases provide the best balance of air circulation and durability among bed base types and offer modern, minimal design features. 

Unlike box spring beds or platform beds, wooden slat bed bases support memory foam technology well. They provide a solid platform for the mattress to rest on; slat beds allow for proper air circulation to the layers of your memory foam mattress, keeping you cool and comfy in equal measure.

Bed Base Materials: Wooden Bed Frames VS Metal Bed Frames

Now we’ve established that wooden slat bed frames and memory foam mattress are a match made in heaven, let’s look at the best bed frame materials.

Most bed bases are made from wood or metal. Metal bases create a more vintage style, while simple wooden bed frames lend themselves to clean, modern design.

The use of metal frames for bed bases became popular several centuries ago. Repelling insects and mould once made metal bed frames a popular choice, but advancements in construction mean wooden bed bases are now the winning choice.

The best wooden bed bases are made from strong quality timber. Popular wooden bed bases are made from ash, oak, pine, mahogany and walnut. Be sure to choose a wooden slat bed base that’s made from high quality wood and materials.

Have a Silent Night

Make sure your slatted bed base is built for no sound – we don’t want any squeaks or bumps in the night, here.

The best bed frames don’t make a sound when you move around. To ensure things stay hush hush in your bedroom, look out for these key features in a wooden bed base: 

  • Quality manufacturing – no loose pieces allowed
  • Top quality wooden base material – strong and sturdy is key
  • Wooden support slats placed far enough apart to allow air circulation, but close enough to provide strong mattress support

What We’ve Been Working On

Our amazing adjustable memory foam mattress (see the range: King Size Mattresses, Queen Size Mattresses) will soon have a place to call home – yes, we’ve created our own Ecosa bed base.

Made from high quality American Ash, Ecosa’s sprung slat wooden bed base is built for easy assembly. Perfectly made to match your Ecosa memory foam mattress, it’s time to level-up your sleep experience. Packed with tons of sneaky storage space, plenty of support and built for a quiet night’s sleep, bedtime has never sounded so good.

Find out more about our brand new Ecosa bed base.

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