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Meet the Ecosa Zen Bed Base – Simple & Stylish

May 8, 2023   By Jennifer Cook

Did you know that the average spends seven hours on their beds? Whether that’s spent sleeping or trying to, that’s a lot of time lying on your bed. That means you need to find a base that won’t quit on you.

How can you know a good quality bed base when you see one?

For starters, one with premium quality and responsibly sourced solid wood should be at the top of your priority list. These bed frame slats should also be free from harmful chemicals that might damage your skin.

Maybe consider giving the Ecosa Zen Bed Base a chance. Here’s the rundown, from manufacture to delivery to your doorsteps! 

Out of the Woods

Starting with material procurement, the Ecosa Zen Bed Base embodies its name by giving you and Mother Nature a relaxed and carefree time.

At Ecosa, we take our vow to balance good business practices with responsible resource procurement and management seriously.

That starts with our exclusive use of Forest Stewardship Council-approved solid timber. 

What does that mean?

FSC certification means that the wood used for your new Ecosa Bed Base is environmentally friendly, safe, and won’t leave you hanging!

It’s not as easy as tagging a tree and slinging it back to the warehouse, though.

Our tree selection process incorporates a scientific approach, only using wood with appropriate moisture content, size, appropriate colour, and texture. 

After being picked, these wood are headed for processing to comply with industry standards. From there, we turn these solid timbers into slats that might be your future bedside table or frame! 

Sized Up Against the Competition

What comes next after that meticulous selection process?

Chosen wooden boards get sanded and assembled to prepare them for conditioning, ensuring texture is up to snuff. Up next is pressure sizing!

What is that?

Boards go to a machine that gives these boards a polish to help them handle any memory foam Ecosa Mattress you’d want.

After ensuring that the wooden boards are cut and measured according to product specifications, they are subjected to an industrial sand mill machine to give them a smooth, luxurious feel.

That sand mill process also means these slats are now ready for some paint sessions, but before that, they have to undergo the milling flutes treatment.

What are milling flutes?

These are machines used to make the slats and make them ready to be drilled holes for easier assembly. Trust us; you won’t need your toolbox for this bed base.

Sanded, Packed, and OTW to You

Once the wooden slats finish conditioning, prepped, and drilled, they are assembled following specified product designs that are ergonomically and aesthetically demanding.

Our commitment to offering only top-of-the-line products requires us to follow a detailed process that sees double-checking each part of the production line.

That’s why every conditioned wooden part of your bed base gets another rough sanding to ensure they’re ready for another coat of health-friendly paint.

We let these slats soak for twelve hours before sanding them again to remove any roughness. After filing, these boards get scratch-resistant paint coating for good measure. Don’t want your fur babies thinking they can sharpen their claws with your bed base after all.

After successive paint jobs, the slats are allowed to dry and are checked around the clock for any bubbling or defects before moving them to their next trip down the production line.

Once assured of their quality, additional implements and hardware are installed to treated slats to make assembly quicker, easier, and sweat-free.

 Are they ready to be boxed and shipped?

Not yet! These slats get a final blow dusting to remove any dust and allergens that might ruin your sleep.

Finally, the bed bases are readied for packaging. That includes final checks and not a whole lot of plastic, as we aim to eliminate that problem as much as possible!

Time for a Bedroom Makeover

The best mattress and bed combo can lead to a dent in your budget, not to mention having to buy comfy pillowcases and toppers. It’s no surprise that some people are wary about investing in a bed base.

There shouldn’t be too much of a price to pay for good sleep, but we don’t live in an ideal world. If you want quality products, you have to shell out.

Is it, though?

This pseudo-FAQ about how we craft the Zen Bed Base shows the attention to detail we apply to all our products and our efforts to make them cost-efficient and wallet-friendly.

Did we mention that this bed base can adapt to any headboard style you’d want? Now you won’t have to worry about messing your room’s vibe and aesthetic!

All Ecosa products were designed and created with our customers’ needs in mind. Are you suffering from back pain? We have the Ecosa Pure Mattress with medium-firm support and breathable natural latex.

Need to make your bedroom comfier?

We took the humble sofa bed for a ride and put our spin on it. Be prepared for friends and guests staying over more often!

Buying Ecosa means exquisite craftsmanship and reliable durability. That doesn’t stop us from offering more security like a five-year warranty for the Zen Bed Base.

What about a test drive?

Check out our Zen Bed Base on our site now and give our 100-night trials a try. If you do end up liking what you see, we’re offering same-day deliveries for those in the Metro!

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