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Our Best Cooling Pillow To Help You Sleep Through Hot Summer Nights

May 3, 2023   By Clarisa Mcdonald

Dozing off can be a chore during hot summer nights. It’s admittedly hard to get a good night’s sleep when experiencing night sweats or hot flushes.

And even if you fall asleep quickly, no one likes the sticky feeling from the humidity that can get us waking up unrested.

Hot sleepers may be guilty of flipping their pillow to the cool side during these unbearable nights. But we all know that it can only help for a very brief time.

Now, a pillow can’t stop hot flashes during a warm climate. However, some cooling technology or a cool-feeling fabric can alleviate the warmth of our sleep environment.

What to Look For in Cooling Pillows

Cooling element

The primary heat-dissipating element of cooling pillows usually relies on the outer cover. ​​So make sure to check out fabric covers that can absorb and release heat to keep your body at a more stable temperature. 

Did you know that the Ecosa Pillow’s removable cover is made of Tencel and recycled polyester? While a cotton cover is breathable, it isn’t as absorbent as Tencel. The hydrophilic quality of Tencel means it’s much more efficient at keeping the body cooler. Tencel is the best choice for hot sleepers because of its moisture-wicking feature.

Now, do you know what makes the Ecosa Pillow even more exceptional? It’s not just the outer, removable cover that helps keep you cool. The pillow foam is covered with a layer called the Breathable 3D Structure. What it does is it further encourages heat and moisture to disperse from the pillow surface. This design allows even better airflow and temperature regulation. Cool, right?

Ability to clean

If you experience overnight sweats, it is imperative that you are able to wash your pillow cover. You know what to do. Look for a pillow with removable, machine washable covers. 

To answer your question. Yes, the Ecosa Pillow has a super convenient and flexible machine washable cover. And the best part? This removable cover is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Fill material

It is also essential to consider the total package of bed pillows. While the cover helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature, no cooling pillow stays cool after long hours of use. 

A lot of cooling pillows are memory foam pillows. Although very comfy, memory foam is a little heavy and tends to hold onto heat. 

To counteract this, the Ecosa Pillow’s Breathable 3D Structure made of small protruding heads encourages heat and moisture dispersion from the pillow’s surface. So although it’s made with high-density memory foam, this cooling memory foam pillow has this feature that helps push out the hot air.

Can Pillowcases Make the Pillow Hot?

Some pillowcase fabrics retain heat worse than others. Therefore, it will be advantageous for hot sleepers to choose ultra-breathable pillow covers such as bamboo or silk. 

Bamboo sheets are light, smooth, breathable, and antimicrobial. In addition, it is cooler to the touch than cotton sheets and can absorb 40% more water than cotton. 

Ecosa Bamboo Sheets are made of 100% bamboo lyocell fabric. This method of manufacturing bamboo is the greenest and results in a soft fabric. It is important to consider an “organic” bamboo cover because many bamboo bed sheets are made from rayon – bamboo pulp that’s chemically treated. 

Silk is known for its buttery soft, light, elegant texture. It provides an unmatched luxurious experience not only with its hypoallergenic feature but because it scares dust mites away. The breathability of silk can also help reduce heat insulation to help lower your body temperature. 

Did you know that the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase is made from 100% Pure 25-30 momme Mulberry silk? This is the highest density silk on the market and is strong and durable.

Are Cold / Cooler Pillows Better for You?

Even if “overheating” at night does not disturb you, having the optimal temperature of 65°F (18.3°C) in your room is still ideal. According to a 2012 study and some pertinent data, bedroom temperature is one of the most critical factors in achieving quality sleep. 

Excessively high or low ambient temperatures may affect sleep even in healthy humans without insomnia or other sleep disorders. To help reduce body heat, it is important to ensure the right bedroom temperature. And we can’t stress it enough. 

So yes, cooler pillows are good for you. 

However, you must know that the safety of certain materials or chemicals used to cool pillows is in question. If natural materials are used, then they wouldn’t be toxic. However, gels used in pillows are man-made materials, and we can only wonder about their guarantee of safety for our health and their eco-friendliness.

Specialty Cooling Pillows – Are They Practical?

There’s no doubt that some specially designed cool pillows, such as gel-infused memory foam pillows, are designed to stay cool. But we question its durability and practicality.

Gel memory foam pillows do not last long as gel contributes to the deterioration of the foam. It may start developing clumps and hollow spots as they wear out. 

To top all this, they are expensive. Cooling gel memory foam materials add to the cost. It is also vital to replace it as regularly as possible, or after around 3 years of use.

Try Our Cooling Pillow Free for 100 Days

According to around 2,700 verified reviews, the Ecosa Pillow is helping New Zealanders sleep better. Indeed, it’s incredible how an out-of-this-world comfort can be for people. 

It’s Height-Adjustable

Good news for back sleepers, side sleepers, or even freestyle sleepers! The Ecosa pillow is the perfect fit for your shoulder alignment and works wonders for neck support. It has 2 elevation pads so you can adjust the pillow according to your sleeping style. You won’t ever have to worry about neck pain or shoulder pain.

It’s Portable

The Ecosa pillow comes with two handy bags. The vacuum-sealed bag can be easily placed in your suitcase for long trips. The drawstring bag can suit domestic travels. It can join you on every adventure, and you’ll thank Ecosa. Check this quick tutorial on How to Compress the Ecosa Pillow

It’s Guaranteed Safe

Ecosa cares a lot for the planet. Even the Ecosa pillow memory foam is CertiPUR-US Certified. This means it’s made with all the good materials that feel good and you can feel good about. And as mentioned earlier, its STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label can help you sleep with peace of mind. 

Try it! You have 100 nights to fall in love with the Ecosa pillow. You won’t regret it. 

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