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6 Reasons Why We Have The Best Sofa Bed in New Zealand

May 8, 2023   By Danielle Herrera

Options abound when you look for a sofa bed to place in your living room or guest room. But the list is long, and you’ll only waste your time going through them all and checking each choice. To save time and effort searching for the best sofa bed, let us introduce Ecosa’s very own Rio Sofa Bed.

The Top Pick for New Zealand

The Rio Sofa Bed is Ecosa’s entry into the convertible sofa or sleeper sofa furniture category. It provides New Zealanders with high-quality furniture with versatile functionality in their living spaces not just for their sleeping needs but also for their everyday use.

You can put it in a game room, man cave, or living area and use it as a chaise lounge for watching Netflix, playing video games, or watching sports. If you expect overnight guests, you can place it in the guest room, pulling it out when needed. Even in the home office, if you need a place to work or if you need to take a nap, the Rio Sofa Bed is a piece of furniture that will adapt to your needs.

What else makes the Ecosa Rio a fantastic piece of furniture?

The Assembly

You’ll get through the assembly of the Ecosa Rio Sofa Bed in a breeze. We have a tutorial you can watch to assemble the Rio in 5 to 15 minutes. The parts come in two boxes, one for the main body and one for the armrests. You can forget about special tools; you just need your two hands and a little time to set up the Rio.

Assembly from couch to bed is just as easy. When you want to turn the Rio into a bed, simply lift the backrest and pull out the cushions. It’ll only take 30 seconds for you to go from sitting to a good night’s sleep. You can go here and scroll down to the section “From Sofa to Bed in Seconds” to find a brief instructional video.

Usual Criticisms of Sleepers: Why is it so heavy?

Users often accuse weight as the factor which turns them away from sofa beds. Users on Reddit threads r/simpleliving, r/minimalism, and r/malelivingspace commented how most sleeper sofas are unbearably heavier than ordinary sofas. This weight comes from either extra sofa bed features like storage spaces or the internal construction of the product itself.

Now, sleeper sofas, convertible sofas, and sofa beds are distinct products, although each is often used to describe the other. A sleeper sofa or a click-clack style sofa has a collapsible innerspring mattress underneath its seat cushions. It comes with heavy metal frames that allow the backrest to lay flat, creating a sleeping space.

Next, a convertible sofa tends to refer to a pull-out type that you can find at Ikea. This either has a heavy metal or wood frame, allowing extra storage space under the cushions. The pull-out sofa bed rolls out to create the sleeping space and its back rests double as additional cushions for that space. This type sometimes comes in a corner sofa bed form, which adds to its weight, aside from the framing.

Lastly, a sofa bed means the Ecosa Rio. It’s like a futon that you simply fold out during sleepovers. It doesn’t have a foam mattress similar to a sofa sleeper, but its foam cushions are spread out to make the bed. This type of sofa has a lighter frame, which makes for a quick and easy assembly of the Ecosa Rio.

The Delivery

You will have a short wait when you order the Ecosa Rio. Once you’ve paid for your Ecosa order, the products you purchased will be shipped out quickly. Depending on the time of your purchase and if it’s a business day, you can receive your order in as little as 4 hours. You’ll see shipping estimates when you place an order on the website.

In addition, Ecosa also offers a 4-hour free delivery service to metro areas. If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, you can get the Rio Sofa Bed in as little as 4 hours as long as you purchase before 1:30 PM Sydney/Melbourne time. If you live in rural or regional areas, you can still get the free delivery service as well.

Usual Criticisms of Sleepers: Why Does Delivery Take Too Long?

The usual furniture store with more affordable prices tends to take days or weeks to ship out a single piece. In that time, you’ll have lost your patience with the item you ordered. Even if you order online, other furniture stores and brands take days or weeks to get you your product.

However, the Ecosa Rio can get to you all within one business day if you order before 1:30 PM Sydney/Melbourne time. You won’t have to wait as much. You get to enjoy your order as soon as possible.

The Style Options

No matter what interior design you have at home, the Ecosa Rio will fit right in. It comes in beige, light grey, and dark grey upholstery that will match all sorts of styles from Scandinavian to mid-century to industrial. It also has a modern design with minimalist elements, which explains why it blends so well with any kind of interior.

You just have to think about the perfect size. The Rio comes in a 2.5-seat sofa bed, which is like a double sofa bed, and a 3-seater sofa bed, which is like a queen sofa bed. There’s no single sofa bed, but these perfectly sized sofas still fit well in small spaces. Even in a small room, you’ll still have extra space.

The 2.5-seater comes in at a price tag of $1,560 after a 20% automatic discount on the website. Meanwhile, the 3-seater comes at $1,700 after the same discount. The website is also offering a promo bundle right now until May 31.

In the promo bundle, if you order the Ecosa pure mattress, our special latex mattress, and the Rise Bed Frame, you get 1 free Luxe Quilt worth $490 and another $320 off which you can apply to the Ecosa Rio. The bundle will allow you to save on your purchases and completely cover your sleeping needs too.

The Comfort

As a brand, Ecosa is known for its mattresses and bed products. It introduced the fan favourite Ecosa memory foam mattress. Aside from its memory foam line of products, Ecosa also offers hybrid Pure and Vital mattresses. Ecosa now applied its experience and expertise in making the Rio Sofa Bed.

Buyers reported how comfy the Rio is, and you can say goodbye to sagging. The wooden frame of the sofa bed supports the foam cushions, preventing sagging even after some time of use. You can then be sure that the Rio has comfortable support, whether you’re sitting or lying down.

As a plus, you get a 5-year warranty for manufacturer defects on the Rio, and you have the privilege of testing it out for 100 nights. In the 100-night trial, you can sit, sleep, and lounge on the Rio all you want. If it isn’t to your liking, return the product and get a full refund on your order. You must have had your Rio for a minimum of 14 nights and processed the return within the trial period. Once your Rio has been collected, the refund process will be initiated.

Usual Criticisms of Sleepers: Why is it hard?

Redditors reported having uncomfortable sleep on cheaper sleeper sofas, and some even experienced back pain. Others used mattress toppers to make the sofas feel softer when sleeping.

To address this problem, Ecosa has made sure that Rio is as comfortable as can be without compromising on support. In any case, you can avail of the 100-night trial. You can use it to make sure that the Rio is perfect for you.

The Environmental Impact

No sofa bed product is probably more environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly than the Ecosa Rio Sofa Bed. The fabric sofa bed has plush 100% OceanCycled™ Recycled Polyester Fabric. Plastic bottles polluting the ocean are collected and processed to make this recycled polyester. Around 300 plastic bottles make the fabric of the 2.5-seater, while around 400 make the 3-seater.

Check Out Our Sofa Bed

With easy assembly, quick delivery, minimalist design, comfortable support, and eco-friendly materials, the Ecosa Rio Sofa Bed has all the winning elements that can fit all your needs. You can try it out and experience the Rio yourself.

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