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What’s The Best Filling For A Pillow?

May 8, 2023   By Jennifer Cook

Poor quality sleep causes numerous problems for many people, both young and old. Reasons for such insufficient sleep vary, and so do their respective solutions, but sometimes all you need is the perfect pillow for your head to rest on. But with so many different pillow options available, how can you know which one is best?

Keep reading to learn about each filling type and how good they are for your sleep. 

Why Swap to a New Pillow?

In the first place, what good is a new pillow? You may be surprised, but a pillow can actually make a world of difference to several sleep issues. You also need to replace your pillow every 1-2 years; if you use memory foam, it can last around 2-3 years. Regularly replacing your pillow is essential for hygiene and neck support. 

The right pillow with the proper stuffing can also relieve chronic neck pain and headaches. Those with sensitive noses can rid their bed of allergens with cotton filling.

Depending on personal preferences, you can get good support and comfort for the shape of your head. What can you lose with all this?

Keep an Eye Out for the Right Pick

Considering the mentioned benefits, it can feel like going down the rabbit hole of pillows to pick out the right one for you. You will have to look at the kind of pillowcase or pillow cover used. 

You also need to think about airflow, breathability, and durability. Even contouring, the ability to retain its original shape, and lifespan become legitimate considerations once you go up the price list of available options.

Luckily for you, the best pillow in the market isn’t out of reach, money-wise. The Ecosa Pillow offers unbeatable pressure relief that helps it conform to your preferred sleeping style. A good night’s sleep is the norm when you have this moldable bad boy as your main bed pillow.

Different Types of Pillows 

The filling or stuffing of a pillow is one of the main things that will dictate the softness or hardness, breathability, loft, and other features in a pillow, not to mention the price tag.

Go Expensive with Down Pillows

Down pillows have the highest price tags among the kinds of pillow fill available today, yet the expensive value is with good reason. Down refers to the bottom layer of feathers on birds. The down fills a pillow 100%, although some may have 75% down and 25% feather fill.

A pillow with down is soft and fluffy while being mouldable and lightweight. The pillow will also last longer due to the durability of the down. 

However, aside from the steep price, you will have to do regular fluffing of the pillow to prevent it from flattening, and the softness may be too much for some other people.

Polyester Fiberfill: The Down Alternative

Called poly-fil, this down alternative comes from synthetic fibres meant to mimic actual down feathers. They can be somewhat soft, but they can also be hypoallergenic for noses too sensitive for natural feathers. Not to mention, polyfill has the lowest price—completely the opposite of down pillows.

However, more opposites may become apparent with the use of artificial fibres. Unlike down feathers, poly-fil flattens much faster. The fibres inside can clump quickly and lack breathability, warming up the pillow from your body heat. If you’re a hot sleeper, you should use inserts offering more airflow.

Anything that contains the word “poly” in its descriptor can put some people at a backpedal since they assume they have toxic materials. If you’re one of those, you should do more due diligence with a polyester pillow.

Stay Affordable with Feather Pillows

If you want a more natural but cheap option for a pillow, you can opt for a feather-filled pillow. Feathers have the lightness and malleability of down pillows with none of the steep prices.

What you pay is what you get, however, since feather pillows flatten quickly. In time, the feathers also tend to pop out, so you’ll pull out feathers left, right and centre. Feather pillows are hard to clean, hard to maintain even if you fluff them regularly, and degrade quickly. You can find more durable options mixed with some down, but the mix has little effect.

Best of All Worlds in Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam can be considered the best pillow filling available. Memory foam pillows are a moderate price while offering high-quality comfort and support. 

Memory foam pillows often come in one block of material, shaped to accommodate the head and the neck. Back sleepers and side sleepers will both have the best time with the curves of a memory foam pillow. Some memory foam pillows are contoured, allowing for the perfect fit for the head and the neck.

What about stomach sleepers? A good memory foam pillow can adapt to a face-down sleeping style, thanks to its innate ability to contour itself without being too firm or squishy.

Be Flexible with Shredded Memory Foam Filling

Some pillow companies sell shredded memory foam pillows, which are filled with small chunks of memory foam. Shredded filling allows you to mould the pillow as you please, no matter your sleeping position. You can customise the fill, keeping in as much or as little as you like. While designed to be supportive, the result feels a little clumpy.

Go Natural and Pricey with Latex Pillows

Like down pillows, latex ones come at steep prices. They come in one chunk like memory foam, the latter allowing for easy adjustments to shape. Your head will also feel less sweaty and hot, since natural latex, in particular, is highly breathable.

In another way, latex pillow stuffing is similar to down pillows since some may find the material too soft for their liking. At the same time, if you are willing to buy latex, it’s more cost-effective to buy two memory foam pillows instead, and you get a similar, if not better, product.

Other Filling Alternative 

Buckwheat pillows have excellent support and breathability, but they come in heavy at 8 to 10 pounds a pillow. The buckwheat hulls also make rustling noises that may irritate some people. Meanwhile, microbeads are similar to buckwheat hulls and have the same perks, yet they last a lot less than buckwheat. They also lack eco-friendliness.

In contrast, Ceiba pentandra (or a kapok pillow) and cotton, like buckwheat, have both softness and are eco-friendly since they come from plants, making them renewable resources. Over time, however, they may develop clumps, and you may need to replace the pillow stuffing at some point.

What’s Right for You?

For a cost-effective, comfortable solution that will support you while you sleep, we totally recommend memory foam. That’s why the Ecosa Pillow is made from charcoal-infused memory foam, for antibacterial protection and has the perfect amount of squish. Plus, the ergonomic design contours to your body and the adjustable height allows for a customisable fit, perfect for you.

It’s also washable, so there is no need to worry about hygiene. If you’re lost as to what to get, the Ecosa Pillow is your best bet!

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