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Pinterest-Approved Minimalist Christmas Tree Ideas

November 10, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

The holiday season is just around the corner, and you may be shopping for holiday décor. Aside from the pinecones, wreaths, greenery, Santa statues, and other Christmas ornaments you’ll need, you’ll obviously have to prioritise your living room centrepiece — the Christmas tree!

You can either go the traditional route for your tree or decide on a beautiful minimalist setup that’ll cut down the effort. Even with stripped-down decor, you’ll still have a lovely Christmas. No need to go on Etsy or some other website for minimalist tree ideas. Here are the different ways you can celebrate a minimalist Christmas.

A traditional Christmas tree

Pine is the default Christmas tree, and you can get either an actual pine tree or one made out of synthetic materials. Christmas trees are grown by many pine farms across Australia, while other retailers boast different kinds of artificial trees. The advantage of a standard Christmas tree is the scent of pine that fills your home during Christmas time. It’s the perfect aroma to get the whole family in the mood for the season. They’re also eco-friendly, as long as you also dispose of them by composting. 

On the other hand, the advantage of a synthetic tree is its affordability and variety. You can find trees of different styles and shades, all at acceptable prices. You can even have a white Christmas tree. At the same time, you can simply pack up the tree after the holidays and store it for the next season — no more waste with its almost endless reusability.

Go non-traditional for a modern Christmas tree

However, with a traditional tree, you’ll have to buy a lot of decorations, and you have to match your home décor up to the same level. You’ll need lights, tree ornaments, a tree skirt, Christmas gifts, and a topper to complete the look. As for the rest of your home, you’ll need more lights, ornaments, wreaths, and festive baubles to really get into the Christmas spirit. All this decorating will take loads of effort and time on your end. All the decorations may also seem overpowering.

There’s also the wooden variety, a contemporary touch for those avoiding the showiness of those messy pines.

Minimalist Christmas

Trees will take away the hassle that comes with traditional holiday decorating. You won’t have to hang as many lights or ornaments on your tree or in your home. With a few select minimalist decorations, you can still keep a merry atmosphere and enjoy a picturesque holiday season without overwhelming your space with junk.

This is even more important in small spaces. For example, you can have a stripped-down mini Christmas tree and place it on your coffee table with a few additions. It’ll still look incredible as long as you pick your decorations precisely. Keep reading to find that picture perfect minimalist tree.

The alternative Christmas tree for a minimalist holiday season

The bare mini tree

You can still go for an actual tree for your holiday décor, but keep it mini-sized. Skip the ornaments for a quick stripped-back look, keeping the tree up with a simple basket and a blanket instead of the usual tree skirt. The humble tree will give off a rustic but cosy aura that will match all small spaces.

Perfect for the table

If you want to go even smaller, you can opt for a tabletop Christmas tree. Wrap its stem in burlap, and place it on a tray. Along with a bowl of peppermints or other holiday delights, the tiny tree will still make a big statement on your coffee table. Your family can then gather round the table and rip apart wrapping paper as you open your Christmas gifts. Enjoy the holiday cheer!

This little light of mine

Still, with a minimalist feel, you can decorate a stripped-down tree with white lights and some snowflake ornaments. With a few additions, such as an evergreen wreath and a white fur throw, you can make your living room inviting and calming without clogging up the place.

Trees that make for great DIY décor ideas

Why have one Christmas tree when you can have as many as you want? You can either purchase or make your own macrame Christmas trees with different designs. Whether you buy or DIY, put up as many trees as you want around your home, such as in the living room, on the table, on your bedside dresser, and in other select locations. They will not only give your house a homey feel, but they will give you a warm feeling wherever you go in the house.

Wax-based minimalist Christmas tree with candle holders

If you want something functional that goes along with the Xmas aesthetic, you can find many tree-themed candles, which you can place around your home. You may even find some with scents that will give fragrance to your holidays. Pick up a set of candles with similar colours, light them up on Christmas Eve and elevate them with candle holders. Don’t be fooled by their small size. one sniff of these babies, and you’ll be transported to the North Pole.

Christmas decorations to get you in the mood for the holidays

As you have noticed from our minimalist Christmas tree suggestions, you can have as much of a merry Christmas as other homes without having to take too much effort to decorate. Keep things simple and stick to the essentials of the holiday season. No matter how stripped down your décor is, you’ll always be on our nice list.

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