Our newly-engineered comfort layer.

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Ecosa ECO-Tex Layer

What's ECO-Tex?

The ECO-Tex is an open cell memory foam layer engineered especially by and for Ecosa. The open cell technology allows the foam's tiny cells to contain some spaces - giving the foam a soft and bouncy feel while allowing air to pass through. Lying down it, you'll feel a gentle contour to your body with a bit of a bounce back.

What is Mattress in a box?
Ecosa Mattress Inner Layers

Rethinking Latex

This is where your reviews come in. We acknowledge a few worries you may have had with our premium latex layer - like allergies or yellowing. In this upgrade, we worked hard to resolve these issues to create a better Ecosa mattress just for you.

Improved Durability

Ecosa ECO-Tex Durabililty Ecosa ECO-Tex Durabililty

Mattresses age as we do.

Since natural latex comes from rubber trees, it will undergo oxidation in a matter of years. This will cause the discolouration (yellowing) and the appearance of voids (crumbling). Continuous exposure to the sun and moisture may also escalate this natural process.

The ECO-Tex has been engineered in a way to slow down this process to make your mattress stay in shape for a longer time.


Improved Breathability

This open cell foam layer is designed to work with our pin-core holes design for an overall improvement of the Ecosa mattress air circulation system.

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