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Ecosa's Eco-Friendly Ethos

At Ecosa, we're focused on designing practical sleep solutions that care for you and for the environment. In fact, we’ll let you in on a secret. The name ‘Ecosa’ means eco sleep Australia. Eco-s-a.

Mind blown? We’ll give you a minute.

Our Mattress Covers

washable cover

Washable Tencel Cover

Made from Tencel ™ our cover fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, ensuring they are safe for even the most sensitive skin types, and kind to the environment. Tencel ™ is known for its superior approach to sustainability, by working to maintain environmental balance and integrating itself into nature’s cycle. Tencel is continually innovating to improve their production processes and safeguard resources for future generations.

waterproof cover

Waterproof Cover

Our waterproof mattress covers are expertly crafted from Evolon microfibers, that contain German microfilaments that deliver our signature waterproof finish. Evolon processes are environmentally responsible, and work to reduce waste, reduce water consumption during manufacturing and increase recycling across its operations. The production of the unique microfibers use no solvents, no chemical binders and no PVC.

Our Adhesives

The Ecosa mattress is made using minimal adhesives due to our interchangeable layers. Where adhesives are used, we work with Simalfa water based glues to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in bedding manufacturing.

adhesive logo

Our Foams

Our mattress foams contain no latex, no irritants and no harmful chemicals.

We’re proudly CertiPUR-US certified, and aim to keep our levels of assessed substances and emissions well below the approved minimum. Some mattress foams emit high levels of nasty Volatile Organic Compounds that compromise the air quality in your home, but Ecosa consciously ensure we work with the best quality materials and pass on the health benefits to you and the planet.

As an example, the CertiPur standard limit of formaldehyde VOC emissions is 0.1 mg/m3. Ecosa’s reading is 0.0006 mg/m3.

The CertiPUR standard limit of metal component selenium is 0.5 ppm. Ecosa’s reading is < 0.001 ppm

Our Wood

Our bed bases and bedside tables are crafted from solid timber, often known as the world’s most sustainable building material.

We use American Ash to ensure our products are built to last, not only improving the environmental impact of manufacture, but reducing the amount of bedroom furniture going to landfill. By building timber products that last, you get to enjoy our solid craftsmanship for generations.

Partnership with WeForest

Ecosa’s partnership with WeForest means 3 new trees are planted for every tree used in the production of our solid timber bed base. That’s our promise to you, and our promise to the planet.


Our Zips

The zips on our mattress, topper and pillow covers are made by the world leading zip manufacturer, YKK.

Used across a range of industries worldwide, YKK has developed its own Restricted Substance List to manage safe chemical quantities.

YKK has also designed an award-winning dyeing technology that reduces the environmental burden of zipper colouring, and continues to innovate and introduce environmentally responsible plant-based and recycled zippers.

Read more about their environmental leadership

Our Sheets

Our 100% organic bamboo sheets are manufactured and dyed using responsible processes that reduce energy consumption. By using cooler water - and less of it! - we minimise our impact on the planet, while bringing you silky soft sheets that last for years to come.

Less water, less waste.

Mattress Recycling
+ Charity Partnerships

Ecosa prides itself on its commitment to reducing the number of mattresses sent to landfill in Australia. Currently, over 1.2 million are sent to landfill, but we’re aiming to slash this number.

When Ecosa mattresses are returned to us, we donate them to our charity partners, reducing waste and giving back to those in need.

We’re For Life

Aside from our environmentally conscious processes, we design our products to be loved for life. Overconsumption is a global epidemic. We believe in empowering our customers to reduce their consumption and buy quality products that last.

Our generous warranties are designed so that our products can be passed down through generations, not thrown out after a few uses.

Better products, less waste. That’s our ethos.

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